What to Take out health insurance

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands must have health insurance. As an entrepreneur, you must also take out health insurance for self-employed. There are 2 types of health insurance:

  • basic insurance (this is mandatory)
  • additional insurance (you can choose this yourself)

The compulsory basic health insurance package reimburses standard care from, for example, a general practitioner, hospital, psychiatrist, or pharmacy.

Own risk

You have a compulsory deductible for health insurance. You pay the first part of the care you receive yourself. The government determines the level of the deductible each year.

Care allowance for entrepreneurs

Healthcare allowance is a contribution towards the costs of paying healthcare insurance. No different rules apply to entrepreneurs than to people in paid employment. Your aggregate income determines whether you are entitled to healthcare allowance. You can check with the Tax and Customs Administration whether you are eligible for a healthcare allowance, and you can also apply for a healthcare allowance there.

Health insurance for employees

Your employee must have Dutch health insurance. Is an employee not insured, or is he not paying the premium? The CAK will then take out health insurance for your employee. You must deduct the health care premium from your wages for this health insurance. You transfer the premium to the CAK.

The healthcare collective is the easiest way for self-employed persons to save on their basic and additional healthcare insurance. As a self-employed person, you can activate such group health insurance with your current health insurer. In most cases, you do not have to switch, except when your health insurer does not offer collective care.

Benefits care collective

A care collective immediately provides you with various benefits, such as: 

  • up to 2 0% discount on your additional insurance;
  • you can connect all year round;
  • also applies to your family ;
  • a cheaper premium without switching.

How does collective care work?

A healthcare collective is collective healthcare insurance that you take out with several people. You often see this in (large) companies. Because you jointly take out health insurance with a large group from one care provider, you receive a group discount on your premium. Also known as collective discount. 

Various care collectives have been set up for the self-employed. You have this for both the basic insurance and the supplementary insurance. View the premiums of our group health insurance policies right away.

Take out health insurance through ZZP Nederland.

As a self-employed person, you don’t have colleagues with whom you can request a group discount; we have each other! That is why ZZP Nederland has joined various insurers as a collective and is therefore allowed to offer collective benefits. This means that you, as an independent entrepreneur, receive a nice discount, for which you hardly have to do anything. 

You can register as a self-employed person with a care collective using our collective number. To do this, you must first register with ZZP Nederland. Once connected, you must indicate the group number to your health insurer, and then the discount will take effect on the 1st of the upcoming month. Earned quickly, right?

And good to know: the group discount also applies to your partner and children (up to 20% on supplementary insurance policies). The costs of the subscription with ZZP Nederland of € 22.50 are therefore earned back in no time!

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