What Is Technical SEO?

What Is Technical SEO?

This is such a part of SEO of digital marketing that we improve our website by checking technical issues or problems. So that google’s spiders can crawl and index our website well. Due to this neither we have any problem nor the search engine have any problem. And this gives us a good organic result after improving our website.

And our website organic only ranks first on the search engine result pages without any problem. So like you must have heard a saying before that there is a problem inside a human being or something else. To rectify it or else no one else will even ask people or things with that problem and it will continue to be insulted, and will not give any value.

Due to this, it will remain useless in society or in the world and no one will go towards it. So if you have understood this proverb, then great. If you have not come, then I am telling someone in a very easy way. If no one asks you if there is a problem inside you, then you will have to correct that problem. And you can solve that problem.

You don’t have to think about the wrong things in your mind. If you want to solve your problem then you have to think about the right things in your mind. So that you can know what is the problem inside you and how to fix that problem.

So in technical terms, it is also the same thing. If you want to solve the technical problems of your website. So first you have to check your site very comfortably and thoroughly check the entire website. And then after checking, whatever problem is there on your website, then you correct it.

Because if your site is idle then no user will come to your site. You have to make the search engine happy before the user arrives. And only then you will be able to make the search engine happy and your site will be crawled and indexed only.

When you will correct the technical issues of your website. So this will make the search engines happy and the users will also be happy. So before correcting the site, check what is the problem, and only then you should correct your website. Otherwise, it has happened many times that there is no problem with the site and even then the problems of the website are being corrected. Instead of fixing the website, the website gets spoiled. Due to this, it takes time to correct the website again and the users also become unhappy. So you have to first check the problem of your website properly.

And then after that, you have to solve the technical problems of your website. And if I tell you what can be the problem in a website and then you correct the same first. So, if you want to fix the technical problems of your website, then I am telling you this. So I hope you will read this article completely and learn something new. So I welcome you very much to this article. And this article is in very easy language so that you can read and understand it easily.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical Seo Checklist

A user will come to your website only when your website is made according to the user. Meaning when you open a website, you must have gone to that website to know something or do any other work. But when you open that website, it will not open. It will take time to open so you will open any other website. And that too will not open, then you will open any other website. So the user also does the same if the load speed of your website or other things is correct. Only then a user will be happy while opening your website.

So that’s why you check the technical issues of your website. If the load speed of your website is low then no user will come to your website. Due to this, you will get less traffic and the ranking of your website will also decrease. So that’s why you have to follow the search engine algorithm. And if you want to solve that problem by checking your website thoroughly, then I have told you important things about this.

You can check on your website whether it is needed on your site or not. If there is a need for the checklist I mentioned on your website, then you must implement it. So in this, you have been told about the important checklist of technical SEO. You read it and you optimize your website algorithmically.


Google now checks whose website is now secure. Then google considers it good and considers it better. Because google announced in 2014 that now every website should be secure. So by secure, I mean that your website should start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The website which has s in the last, then its website is secure. So it’s a sort of security technique that creates an encrypted gender between a web server and a browser.

And the user is also looking for a good website where the answer to his query can be found in a good website. So if your website is not secure then you make your site secure by using SSL. So that’s why you make your website good and trustworthy for the user and google.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Today people all over the world use mobile phones because they cannot carry laptops or desktops everywhere. So that’s why you have to make your website laptop, and desktop friendly but you also have to make it mobile-friendly. So that if a user opens your website on the phone, then your website will open well without any problem.

So you must have understood that today 85% of the people in the whole world live more online on mobile. And if you search your query on google, then do it on mobile first, then you definitely have to take care of it. Whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. If it is not then you have to make it mobile-friendly and if it is mobile friendly then it is a good thing.

Speed Your Site Up

The search engine likes those sites best whose site speed is like a bullet train. Meaning that does not spend time getting the site open and page speed is considered a good ranking factor. There are many ways in which you can speed up your website like a bullet train and you can easily do it in a good way.

  • Use hosting like the best bullet train.
  • Use a fast DNS (‘domain name system’) provider.
  • You should use a minimum number of plugins and scripts on your website. And minimize HTTP requests.
  • You minify the code on your site. In your HTML, CSS, and java scripts, get rid of any unnecessary spaces, line breaks, or indentation.
  • You should use fewer images and videos on your site. And if you are, then optimize it well.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

Users and search engine algorithms cannot fool them. If there is a website that has duplicate content issues, then no one will like to visit your website. Because on your website the audience gets to know their query. And if your website has duplicate content issues, then no audience will go to your website.

So that’s why you have to check that there is no duplicate content on any of your web pages. And if it is, then you must correct it or else you can confuse the audience and the search engine algorithms. And google and bing webmasters recommend fixing any duplicate content issues.

Create an XML Sitemap

This XML sitemap is a file that the search engines send when you sitemap your site. So it helps the search engines to understand while crawling your website. You can tell search engines where each page is. This includes everything useful information about your site.

  • How many times have you updated it?
  • When did you modify your pages?
  • What is its priority on your site?

If your site is new and you have to tell the search engine that I have a new website. And you have to show your website on both of these search engines. So you have google search console, and Bing webmaster tools are free tools from Google and Microsoft. So you have to submit indexing on these. Only then it will be able to crawl your site. And only then search engines can display your website on SERPs. So if you have a new website then you have to submit the sitemap of your website. Only then your website will be shown to the audience.

So I hope you must have learned something new after reading this article. And you must have come to know what you have to check on your website. And after checking, you must correct it. Thank you!

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