What is a simple affidavit?

What is a simple affidavit?

What is a simple affidavit?

They asked you for a simple affidavit and you have no idea what this document is about? Don’t you know what it’s for or how it’s done? 

If you do not know what the content of an affidavit is and what are some examples of its use, then you are in the right post. Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions in relation to this formal text that is more common than many of us belief.

And it is that citizens, on many occasions, must take legal responsibility for a situation or event, as well as formally express that we are aware of this or that situation or event.

However, in general, those procedures in which we attest to something can be very cumbersome because we do not know how to do them. It is there that the simple affidavit begins to play an indispensable role in simplifying everything.

Do not stray from this reading because we will soon tell you everything you need to know about how to make a simple affidavit online. How To Write An Affidavit? Why Is It Needed?

What is the simple affidavit?

Let’s start by first reviewing the concepts. What is the simple affidavit?

According to specialized sources, the simple affidavit is a legal document that does not require a signature before a notary to have legal weight and to fulfill its function.

This text implies that people certify, declare to know or assume that they are responsible for a very particular fact. This gives a fundamental value to someone’s honor. It implies pawning the word and honoring its weight.

What is the simple affidavit for?

The simple or general affidavit is used to certify under an oath that an individual or citizen knows a fact, action or is responsible for a particular event.

In this way, this is an important document to give legal certainty of the knowledge or responsibility that any person may have about a circumstance that needs to be certified orally or in writing.

An affidavit of income is one of the most common examples of such a statement. It is used to affirm before public entities that the person or family group has a certain amount of economic income, some of which is not verifiable.  

Another type of simple or general statement is the sworn statement of economic solvency. This allows you to request loans, credits or financing. The person affirms that he does not carry mortgages or commitments for delinquency and non-payment.

More real applications of the simple affidavit

The simple affidavit is normally used or required by the authorities to comply with some procedures that are of the utmost importance to citizens.

Next, let’s look at the circumstances in which this document plays a key role in completing the requirements of a major petition.

  • The simple affidavit can be requested in order to prove that you have lost a document, including the National Identity Document.
  • To apply for a vacancy in the Public Administration, it is also necessary to submit a simple statement. This serves as proof that you affirm that you are not disabled from performing those functions. On the web portal of the Labor Directorate (DT) you get the format model that must be filled out to comply with the selection process required by Law 18834 or the Administrative Statute Law .
  • It can also be requested to certify that you are a witness that you were in a place on a specific day. Like a marriage, baptism, confirmation or that you know someone by sight and treatment.
  • It can be used to attest that there is no criminal record or pending sanctions. Or that one is in good health and maintains good conduct.
  • To express personal situations in a service, study or business context, you may need to write a document of this type and sign it.
  • To carry out procedures in the Chilean embassies, it is common for the authorities to ask you for an affidavit.
  • If you do not have an official document that shows your address and you need to carry out procedures in the Social Registry of Households (RSH), they will ask you for a simple affidavit. With this they will give you the accreditation of residence and inclusion of the home. 

Importance for trade

For many agreements for goods or services and commercial transactions online or in a physical store, it can be of great help to ask for a simple declaration under oath. 

It can even be legal proof that the seller or buyer accepted the terms, payment methods, shipping, etc. You can also state something that may have been key to carrying out the transaction. 

For example, it confirms that:

  • Merchandise was delivered or received in x conditions, with certain characteristics or with a specific type of payment.
  • The delivery of products was made with 100% natural ingredients, without chemical additives or tested on animals.
  • A completely healthy herd was delivered, with all its vaccinations, certifications and of a certain breed.
  • The funds to buy some merchandise are of legal origin, the product of work. 

In short, there are many examples, since it is one of the most extensive types of declarations that exist. In the event that either party is found to have given a false oath, this statement, even without being notarized, can be used as evidence. 

What information does a simple affidavit include?

The simple affidavit contains a set of data that are very simple, since they are basically personal and you will have them at hand immediately.

The document includes the following Take notes!


The simple affidavit includes the first name of the person making the statement. The document can include only the first name, but if the person concerned has a second and a third given name, it must also include them.

2. Surname

The simple affidavit must contain the two surnames of the person concerned, in order to give its content more strength and validity.

There are people who have only one last name, which does not detract from the sworn statement character of the document. In that case, the person should just place it without giving any explanation.

3. RUT

It is necessary that the simple affidavit have the Unique Tax Role Number, of the Internal Revenue Service (SII). It is worth mentioning that this document is held by legal persons incorporated in Chile or abroad. 

Likewise, it is owned by persons who are without legal personality, but who, due to their activity or condition, cause or may cause taxes.

4. Address, marital status and occupation

You must detail the address of your residence, as it appears in official documents or as you usually place it. Add your marital status and your profession or what you do. 

5. Fact that is being corroborated  

The document in question must contain a precise explanation of the fact or event of which attestation is being given.

It is worth insisting that this explanation must be short, although this does not prevent the message from being written clearly, without forgetting everything that you consider important so that it is established.

6. Signature of the person and date of declaration

And finally, it must have the signature of the person who is attesting to the fact or event and the date.

It is important to note that the signature must be the same as the one registered in the country’s databases, so that there is no doubt about its veracity.

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