Types Of Commercial Natural Stone Tiles

Choosing among different types of commercial tiles can be a little tedious, particularly when those tiles are made of natural stones. Natural stone is a durable, attractive material and an excellent option for property owners who are looking to invest in flooring that is both effective as well as aesthetically pleasing. But truth be told, natural stone does not come cheap. Although homeowners tend to spend more on home remodeling projects than home maintenance projects, commercial investors can significantly spend more. While there is a notable return on that investment, the size of that return is usually based on the types of materials you work with. Hence, it is essential to analyze stone slabs meticulously before making a decision about which type of stone will be perfect for your commercial flooring. This is why, we, at Strata Stones, will delve into how to make that decision and what to consider before investing in natural stone tiles.

Types Of Stone You Should Consider

Usually, commercial interior stone tiles can be made of numerous different types of stone. Usually, natural granite paving slabs are used for flooring purposes because of their durability and longevity. Granite is also quite attractive with distinct appearances that may include veining and mineral flecks. It may differ in terms of price because of the wide range of appearance types.

One other natural stone that has been considered one of the most luxurious types of stone is a marble. The fun fact about this stone is that it truly begins its life as limestone. The process of crystalization creates the exemplary veins of marble, which, like granite, come in a wide range of shades and patterns. The pricing of marble usually depends on the uniqueness of a particular marbling pattern that you choose. If you want to go with something basic, then limestone would be your best bet as a flooring option which a rustic look in shades that range from cream to rare grays, as well as dark brown.

Now, let’s talk about travertine. It is a more porous and grainy stone that increases in price when it features fewer pits. This marvelous multipurpose stone is pocket-friendlier than any other stone and usually looks quite similar to limestone when installed. Similarly, slate is also a budget-friendly option that comes in textured finishes if you want to get it customized.

Types Of Stone Finishes

You must know that you should not simply consider the type of stone but also its finish. Different natural stones will offer different finishes, including a more distressed tumbled finish, a smooth honed surface, and so on. The name says it all: a brushed finish is created with a stippled brush. A pillowed finish has a rounded, soft look, while a hammered finish has a pocked effect. Polished stone offers a glossy appearance and flamed stone is non-reflective.

Which Natural Stone Is Best For Commercial Use?

Well, the best type of natural stone tile for commercial use is limestone in most cases. This is because limestone is one of the most hardwearing but also requires the least maintenance which makes it ideal for frequent use, especially as exterior stone tile. It is also immensely versatile as limestone is available in various styles.

Indoor And Outdoor Natural Stone Floor

How and where you are planning to use your new natural stone tiles should also be a crucial factor when it comes to choosing among different types of stones.

For interior stone tiles, you will find limestone in a massive variety of styles. Sandstone and marble natural stone tiles are also wonderful choices for the interior of your commercial property.

Limestone also works amazingly as walling, masonry, and black stone. For outdoor paving, you can definitely consider limestone tiles in a warmer palette. Other long-lasting alternatives for exterior stone tiles are granite and sandstone.

Benefits Of Installing Natural Stone Tiles

1. Easy Maintenance

Natural stone tiles are easy to maintain and clean. They are quite straightforward to care for as a durable floor covering and you do not have to go through any quick replacement or repair. Withstanding heavy foot traffic, the flooring option is best considered to be installed indoors.

2. Adds Warmth And Comfort

Natural stone tiles can add a cozy feeling to any space with their rich natural hues and soft textures. The dispersion of natural light penetrating the premises is so wonderfully natural that your space is sure to liven up with a colossal brightening impact.

3. Adds Value To Your Property

Filling indoors with every essence of natural stone beauty, the stone flooring is the ultimate example of a timeless flooring option radiating an overall rejuvenating appeal. Every stone tile has a unique coloring, texture, finish, and style that prompts a re-emerging vibe to the space, thereby highlighting what guarantees true elegance.

4. Long-Lasting And Sturdy

Natural stone flooring is a long-lasting and sturdy flooring option that is not affected by any wear and tear or damage. It withstands heavy foot traffic with no stains, marks, or smears left with the floor type being an easy-to-clean option. It offers the most inexpensive alternative with no requirement for scrubbing or cleaning products.

Bottom Line

At Strata Stones, we offer a massive range of natural stone tiles for walls as well as flooring for commercial properties. We ensure that your space gets the garnish it deserves. So, get in touch with us today and explore all your options for the types of natural stone tiles before making an informed decision.

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