Top Places for Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Jaipur

Life is all about preserving lovely feelings, memories, and those unique moments that make you smile when you reflect on them, and a pre-wedding shoot is that beautiful experience.

 When thinking about the ideal locations for the dreamy pre-wedding photoshoots there has to be no compromise and Jaipur is just the place for you.The majestic forts ,the  palaces and the heritage hotels are not only available for you to explore and visit; they also form the ideal backdrops for your pre-wedding photo sessions.

Choose your favourite location from the ten pre-wedding shoot locations in Jaipur you cannot miss !

1. Amer Fort

Ah! Every photographer and couple now seeks out this old piece of beauty for stunning pre-wedding photographs in Jaipur.The Amer Fort or Palace, which is known for its expansive gardens, grandeur, and the sheesh-mahal (mirror palace) is the ideal spot in Jaipur for pre-wedding photos. The rich heritage of this fort exquisitely captures unique details for your photographs.During the monsoon, when the entire area is enriched with lush, green plantations, this castle offers some of the best shooting conditions. Additionally, the fort is decorated with golden-yellow lights at night, which makes for a beautiful backdrop for romantic photos. To enter the royal grounds, a 50 INR per person ticket is required.

2.Hawa Mahal

This magnificent pink-red architecture, also known as the Palace of Winds, has frequently appeared in both domestic and foreign motion pictures. This means that having your wedding photos taken here is a MUST! It is conveniently located in the centre of the city of Jaipur. You must take the photos on the street because the Hawa Mahal overlooks the main streets. At first, it could feel a little awkward, but we promise that the benefits will be Worth It. Additionally, there are no entrance fees, thus it is entirely free.

3. Castle Kanota Hotel

One of the happiest days in a person’s life is their wedding, and the team of Castle Kanota works hard in making it a remarkable occasion. Castle Kanota has the room and experience to host destination weddings near Jaipur, including pre-wedding photoshoots, from small wedding celebrations to a complete event. This architectural marvel epitomizes an illustrious past that displays the royalty, bravery, and fortitude of Rajputs. It is also the perfect atmosphere you want to experience when you’re enjoying your special day taking you into the feels of a Royal wedding.

For further enquiry email at or call at +91-141-256 1291 to book your wedding event at Hotel Castle Kanota.

4. Jal Mahal

While there are many inventive Indian pre-wedding photoshoot concepts for couples, taking pictures by the serene Mansarovar Lake is absolutely incredible. Jal Mahal’s tranquillity gives photos a dreamy quality. The yellow palace sparkles with glistening water, making for an alluring backdrop for your photos.Although early morning photos are well-liked, the true splendour of the Jal Mahal building comes to life in the evening when it is exquisitely illuminated by the setting sun. There are no entrance fees because this is a public area that is open to everyone.

5.Patrika Gate

Patrika Gate is one of Jaipur’s most Instagrammable locations.This magnificent and lavish row of gates at the entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden is a photographer’s dream. The entire gateway’s elaborate and vibrant Rajasthani artwork makes for stunning photos. Additionally, you can take some amazing photos in the 3–4 kilometre-long, meticulously kept garden. Some of the most beloved scenes from Indian cinema can be recreated. We advise holding the shoot during the daytime hours because the sun will add natural lighting to the frame and make the pictures appear brighter. The fact that photo shoots don’t need permission is the finest part.

6. Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum is a magnificently beautiful building located in the Ram Niwas Bagh park. This majestic Indo-Saracenic building, located in the centre of Jaipur, is a must-have location for your pre-wedding photographs. Since photography is prohibited inside the museum, photographers typically take pictures in front of the building and in the verdant Ram Niwas Bagh. There are numerous bird feeding stations outside the hall, so you could even add some drama by getting flying birds in the picture. And because it’s a well-known tourist location, horse carriages are readily accessible for you both to ride in while taking amazing pictures.This place is your destination to get into all the bollywood feels!

7. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is in a spectacular setting, perched on the edge of a cliff and looking out over the city. This location is well-liked by couples, therefore it’s not surprising that it consistently ranks as the top location in Jaipur for picture shoots.Your shoot will be completely unique because of the gorgeous interiors. For your shoot, try on a variety of clothing, from western to Indian. It is a wonderful location for individuals who want to write a pre-wedding story.

8. Panna Meena Ka Kund

The modelled version of Chand Baori is this stepwell (in Abhaneri),this historic building is  perfect for beautiful wedding photoshoots. Due to numerous travellers featuring this location on their blogs and Instagram feeds. Panna Meena Kund has recently gained enormous popularity. Prior to now, it was possible to descend the steps to the water reservoir. But guards now enforce the prohibition. There are no fees (such as entry tickets or other costs) associated with holding pre-wedding shoots at this baori or kund. Which is available to everyone. You can even film a pre-wedding movie fully in this picturesque spot. Which is located just one kilometre from the famous Amer Fort.

9. Jaipur City Palace

City Place, a magnificent specimen of royal architecture, is a traditional location for a pre-wedding photo session in Jaipur. Although City Palace is a great example of blending Indian and Mughal architecture. If you’re hoping to get some captivating photos, we advise choosing a time when there’s less crowding. The four gates at the Pritam Mahal are among the City Palace’s most popular Instagrammable locations in Jaipur. The Jaipur royal family’s descendents own City Palace. By purchasing a premium ticket, one can see around the palace’s secret areas. Unless you are organising a casual photo shoot with just one photographer, prior approval is required for the photo shootings. The entry fee is rupees 190 for entry and photography charges extra.

10. Taj Rambagh Palace

The Taj Hotels run this former residence of the Jaipur royal family. Also ranked as one of India’s most magnificent heritage hotels. Taj Rambagh Palace has to be on your radar. If you wish to have the ideal royal pre-wedding photo shoot in Jaipur. The latticework, sandstone cenotaphs, and Mughal gardens provide an absolutely beautiful backdrop for your photos. Pictures of the attractive wall art, which draws inspiration from Mughal and Rajasthani designs, are just breathtaking. For the photo shoot, the hotel does not allow walk-ins. The best method? Plan a stay!

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