Top 5 Technical Seo Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Top 5 Technical Seo Issues (And How to Fix Them)

In today’s time, everyone wants to get their website ranked first on the search engine result pages. But they adopt the wrong methods to get their website ranked. Due to this, their site gets caught in the trap of spamming. And they do not understand why our website is not ranking on google. And he is doing SEO on his website, but even then his website is not ranking first. And those people are getting worried about why our website is not ranking.

So to know why our website is not ranking, then for this, you have to look at your website and see what the problem in our website. Why is traffic not coming to our website? We are working hard day and night, but still, our website is not ranking. If all this does not happen on your website, then you have to optimize SEO on your website and check where the problem is coming from on our site.

Are we not doing well on-page, off-page, and technical SEO on our website? And even if you are doing it in a good way, then the problem is still coming. If you are doing on-page optimization and off-page optimization well then your site will be able to rank. But if you want to bring traffic to your site, then you have to understand technical SEO very well. Because some people consider on-page and off-page as technical SEO, then I want to say that it is very different from these two. So before knowing this, we have to understand what it is.

What Is Technical Seo

That part of SEO in which we make our website good according to the user, and according to the search engine. So that both of them do not have problems opening our site. And the spider of the search engine should not have a problem, crawling and indexing our website, which means that our site is well-indexed, without any problem.

And whenever the user opens your website, then the user should not have any problem. Meaning you have to build your website according to the user. Because google also focuses more on the user that the user gets the best results, so for this google shows its user a good website on the search engine result page. Meaning you have to understand the user that the user should not have a problem with anything when the user comes to our website, then for this, you will have to check your website thoroughly.

That there is no problem on our website, and if there is a problem on your site, then you will find many sites by searching it on google for free, by doing a free SEO checker. You can check how our website is performing by visiting one of them. And you can see what you have to improve on your site. And seeing that you can make your site good, then you must have understood what it is. So let us now talk about why it is so important.

Why Technical Seo Is Important

There are three parts of search engine optimization on-page, off-page, and technical and all three are important. But the more important of these three is technical because, with the help of these, users come to our site. When more users come, then the traffic on our site increases.

And the traffic is increasing because the user is not having any problem opening your site, and due to this there are no technical issues on your site. And you can easily get your website ranked on search engine result pages. And organic traffic will come to your site, and traffic will continue to grow on your website. And if there will be no issues on your website, then your business will also grow together, and there will be branding and promotion.

So in a way, the only thing we have to do in this is that we have to optimize our website for the people. So that people do not have trouble coming to our website. So if the user does not have any kind of problem, then we do it for this. This is why it is very important if technical issues are seen right from your website.

Top 5 Technical Seo Issues (And How to Fix Them)

Why Should You Optimize Your Site Technically?

Because in today’s time everyone wants their benefit, so whatever website there is today, all the website owners want is how our website should be ranked. And he will apply for many benefits on his website to rank him. Due to this, there are some benefits on his website and if there is no benefit, then he will find the benefit. How to rank our website by benefiting from our website.

So this means that all the websites out there today, find benefits for their business website. After all, where is the benefit of our website, then they do whatever good work they see for it? Like technical SEO, it is very beneficial for the website, so all of you look at the technical problem to make your website good. And then optimize technical SEO on your website, which benefits that website a lot.

So that’s why all of you want to technically do technical SEO on your site. Because it gives a lot of benefits to you and the user, so now let’s talk about our main keyword. And we understand this easily, and how we can correct it, they also understand.

404 Error

When a user comes to the web page of one of your websites to get information. And he can not remember the URL of that web page, and when the same user wants to open the same web page later, it does not open. Because he does not remember the URL of that webpage and is entering the wrong URL.

If it is not on your website, then the user has to answer his query on any other website. All this means to say that the response to a missing page is a 404 error. If the user enters the URL of your webpage wrong, and it is not the wrong webpage, then to correct it, we will create a custom 404 page, so that the user does not go from our website, and if he searches the wrong URL, then our the page of 404 page should come.

Due to this, the user will not feel that this website is not there, and they will feel that it is a website. And then they can easily answer their query from our website. And due to this, the traffic on our website will increase and our business will also grow together.


If you want some such webpages on your website that you do not want to be crawled, then you can use it for this. So robots.txt is a file that gives this instruction to the crawler. Which webpage to crawl and which webpage not to crawl? Suppose you have a bank website, you may not want this.

To crawl the information of the user who is ours, then for this you refuse the crawler, that it should not crawl the web page. And as your admin webpage is done you would not want this crawler to crawl. Meaning you can say the crawler in it that it is the webpages that have to be crawlers and not the rest. And you must also know that the crawler comes to crawl our website after fixing a time.

And in that fixed time you can crawl more and more web pages. And if you have an under-construction webpage, then you can tell the crawler not to crawl that too. So as I said that robots.txt is a file so its syntax is. We have to tell the crawler by writing this syntax, so let’s talk about its syntax.
I am telling this syntax is for crawlers like google, yahoo, and bing. You can use one of these.

User-agent:name of the crawler(google, bing, yahoo)
disallow/allow:/slug of the page/

and this syntax is for all crawlers, which means that all crawlers have to be refused. If this webpage does not crawl, then the syntax we will write for this is this.

disallow:/slug of the page/

Schema Markup

After all, on what basis are we building the website we are building? If people will get the answer of the query on the website, then before telling the people, we tell the search engine. After all, what people can know from our website? Meaning it is a kind of structured data that we apply to our website, and this data tells this to the search engines.

That’s what our website is about, which makes it easy for people. Knowing the answer to your query makes it easier for more people to understand. So on the search engine result page, your website’s appearance improves even more.
It has three formats.
Microdata -HTML
JSON-ld -javascript

and you put its code on the body or on the head as you wish. But what is necessary is at the head, because the crawler crawls first into the head itself. So that’s why you put its code in the head itself. And you can have multiple schema markup elements on a web page. And the schema markup is many, but the one we use the most is eight.

  1. Article 2. Recipe 3. Local business 4. Rating 5. Organization 6. Faq 7. Product 8. Video


If you want any user or crawler not to load on one of our web pages and load it on another page. And if there is no problem in loading them, then you will use redirection for this. And it is two types, 1. 301 we call these permanent redirects, and we use them when our domain name changes, ownership changes, or HTTP to HTTPS then we use them permanently.

And 2. 302, which we call temporary redirects. And we use it when we have any web page under construction or have unavailable content, then we use it. And we can use it to redirect other web pages. But you should know which web page we have to do 301, which web page we have to do 302, and for what, you should know that.

Canonical Tag

How will you feel when the crawler does not crawl your web pages? And the reason for not crawling is only one, which is technical issues in your website, so we use it to correct it. Meaning when more than one URL of our web page is created. Or if I say duplicate web pages of the same webpage are created, then we call it canonical issues. And if more than one URL is created then google can not understand which URL is correct, because google’s crawler is a boat.

This is what we have to explain about our website and the issues it has. If the content is identical, different protocols and the same product is being opened in a different URL and it has a syntax, remember it.

<link rel=”canonical” href=”URL of the original page”/> 

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