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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads [Examples]

Those who do business today do not know that we are doing business, but who will take the services and products of our business? How will the audience know that we are doing this business? And our service and products are very cheap and very good. And once you have used our services and products then you will use our service again and again. But we should tell people about our business, how can we tell our product service to people.

That too in less time and more and more audience could get to know about our product service. So Google has solved all these problems. Because google ads is a paid promotion platform.

This we use for instant results. Its old name was google Adwords and in today’s time, we know it as google ads. So in this, we will know how we can create ads for our business.

And how will our ads reach more and more audiences, which will be the audience target for our business? And more and more people will know about our business, then stay with us. And I welcome you very much, to know more about google ads in this new post.

Google Ads

What Is Google Ads?

Like how people get to know about every viral thing with the help of news. Similarly, in google ads, you can target the audience. Meaning, if you want to tell something about yourself to people, that too in a very short time, then you can use it.

So if we know it in easy language, then we use it to get the result immediately. Be it small things or big things, you can easily tell people. Its arrival has benefited us a lot because it tells more and more people about something.

It has become very easy to tell with its help. In this, you pay PPC or CPM clicks or impressions for your ads. What you will pay for this, you can do according to your budget. Meaning you can give as much money as you want to.

And you can also set the time in it that how long your ads will run. You can set the date of the day when you want to start the ad. And you can set the date of the day on which the ad is to be stopped. With the help of this, you can bring traffic to your business website and target the right audience.

Tell people about your business as quickly as possible. And the ad you will have in it will be a search ad, display ad, video ad, shopping ad, and local ad. When you create the ad, then you will get the option to select them.

And when you create google ads, the ad you create will be shown on google’s SERPs. When an audience will search for your product or service. And your ad will be shown on all the properties of Google.

Because you are creating google ads and the ad that shows on youtube is also from google. So with this, you can easily build audience reach and awareness.

Does Google Ads Work?

Yes, google ads works. If you have started a new business or you have an old business. If you want to tell people about your business, services, or products.

That we have this service or product which is very good and cheap. And if you are offering something new on your service or product, but you are not able to target more people.

Meaning that more people are not getting to know about your product service, then you can use google ads to target more and more people and to target good people.

So if seen in this way, you can use it to grow your business. And in reality, you will definitely get the result and your ROI will also be positive and your ROI calculation will also be good.

Why Advertise on Google?

It has only one answer. If you are not targeting an audience, do not use it. If you are targeting an audience then you can use it. This will allow you to target the same audience you want. And in today’s time everything is digital, today everyone from children to old age has a phone. Because it is the age of digital technology. And in today’s time, people like the internet more than food.

So now you must have understood why we should ads on google. And in today’s time, there are more searches on google and more people like google only. So google is the best platform in today’s time to grow the business. In this, you can also pay and get organic results.

Google Ads Best Practices

If you are making ads for your business or website. And you have created a lot of ads, but you are not getting any results. And your money is also being wasted, so do not be afraid of these things. Because only those who work hard get the fruits and those who just keep waiting for the fruits, do not work hard.

They will not get the result anyway, so keep working hard, and you will definitely get the result. There can be many reasons for not getting the result. First, we get to know some google ads best practices.

1. Avoid Broad Keyword Terms

Whenever you create an ad, you have to search keywords for it before creating the ad. You can do keyword searches with google keyword planner. And when you search, you get three options, which keyword do you want to select? The first of which is the broad-match keyword to save you from this. Because if you write broad keywords, then your ad will run, but that ad will also be visible to the wrong audience.

Which even slightly matches your broad keyword. Due to this your money will be wasted and you will get less result than this. So you must avoid it if you have more money then you can use it. But I think you should avoid broad matches.

2. Don’t Run Irrelevant Ads

If you search for some query on google, then the website is on the SERPs. So you click on that website to answer your query. The website in which the keywords of your query are found in which there is a good description. You must be looking at the heading of that website to see which website has a good heading for our searches. And then you must have opened the same. So that’s why while creating your ad, create your ad according to the user.

So that you can get clicks on your website. Mention a good heading and a good description. So the heading you are writing should match the keywords of the audience. And your business website should also match the keyword of the audience. Only then will your business website be shown to the audience. So you will get better results than this and you can easily target the audience.

3. Improve Your Quality Score (Qs)

If you are thinking that by investing more money, we will get our ad SERPs ranked. But it may not be as you are thinking. If you bid no matter how much in your ad. But if your quality score is not good then your ad will not show on SERPs at all.

So if you improve the quality of your ad by investing less money, then you will definitely have an ad rank on SERPs. And that too in less money means your money will be less. So google knows, and understands the quality of all the ads websites.

Whose quality is good and on which website users are clicking more, then google ranks the same.

So you must have understood by now that we now have to pay more attention to the quality of our ads. And before we create an ad, we have to understand our ad by becoming a user ourselves. How users can access our ads. So before showing it to the user, you yourself become a user once. And you know what kind of ad we have to create.

4. Optimize Your Ad Landing Page

How would you feel when you search a query on google? And the answer to that query is there on many websites on SERPs. But you click on the website which ranks first. And if that website is open then the answer to your query is not found on this website at all.

Meaning that website is completely different from what you think. So you must have felt bad then you go to another site. So what I mean in this is that you optimize your ad like this. So that if a user clicks on your ad, then he will get the answer to his query.

It is not that you are getting your ad rank on any other keyword. Meaning you select such keywords in your ad, so that if a user searches the related keywords of your website, then your ad will be shown to the user. But when users open your ad, they should get the answer of the same keyword in your ad. So you optimize your landing page very well so that no user has a problem.

Google Ads Terms to Know

Before doing any work, you know that work. After all, what is that work, and how can we do it? You know that work, you know the methods of that work, how it will be done. Then you’ll have to do that work again.

Because there are no people who don’t know how to do the work they want to do, and then do that thing. Because knowing the work, we are able to do that work well, the work which we do not know.

Google Ads Terms to Know

And it may also happen that you do not know that work before doing the work, and you learn that work yourself by practicing it again and again.

So this is also true, you can learn like this too. But according to me, before doing any work, you should know that work. Then that work is done very well, so what do you have to do before running google ads in it? So that our ad runs well, then for this you have to know it.

So that whenever we create an ad, there should be no problem. And we can easily create ads and create them in a good way.

1. Ad Rank

The ad you create and when you do bidding in it. And how do you create ads so that the quality of your ad is good? So by multiplying these two which you put biting and the quality of your ad, your result comes. On the basis of that, the result comes from your SERPs.

If your ad rank comes first then there are more chances. That the audience will click on your ad itself. Due to this, your business will grow and you will be able to target the audience easily. So now you must have come to know that ranking is given only on the basis of ad rank.

2. Bidding

The bidding you set for your ad. What do they do so that your ad which is there is ranked first? And if we want quick results for our business then we will have to bid more. Because google ads are the auction base and google auctions our ad and show it to the audience.

The more bidding you put in, the better your placement will be. There are three bids you can place when you create an ad, CPC, CPM, or CPE.

  • CPC, or cost-per-click, will pay to google an amount for your ad when an audience clicks on your ad.
  • CPM, or cost-per-mile, is this, you pay the amount when thousands of people have seen your ad. Meaning your ad is shown to thousands of people. And your ad gets thousands of views.
  • CPE, or cost-per-engagement, when you get results in your own business means when people are engaged on your ad. And according to the ad you create, people, when predetermined with your ad, then you pay the amount to google.
3. Campaign Type

To create an ad in google ads, you have to choose seven campaigns. So in this, we will talk about seven campaigns which are as follows. Search, display, video, shopping, app, smart, or performance max.

  • Search ads are the ad when an audience searches on google. And the ad shown on SERPs is called search ads. And there will be a maximum of seven ads shown on google’s SERPs. Will not be more than that, but can be less than seven.
  • Display ads are image-based ads that appear on web pages and on the google display network.
  • Video ads these ads appear on youtube and last between six and fifteen seconds.
  • Shopping campaigns these ads are displayed on the search results and on the google shopping tab.
  • App campaigns if you have an app and want to tell the audience about it. Or want to download it from the audience. So they use your application information to optimize ads on the website.
  • Smart campaigns if you do not have much knowledge of google ads, to advertise your business. So you can use it. In this google will find, and the best result, targeting. To grow your small business. But in this, you do not get to select more options because it is smart.
  • Performance max is a new campaign type. In this, in a single campaign, your ad will automatically target the audience and you will get conversions. Meaning your ad google will decide which audience to target and how you will get conversions.
4. Click-Through Rate(CTR)

This is the number of clicks you get on your ad. The audience that sees your ad doesn’t click on the SERPs but you get the view. Meaning the impression is received and when the audience clicks. Whether or not you click on your ad, it may be because the audience who has entered the keywords on the search engine does not match your ad.

Just the audience gives an impression of your ad on SERPs and they click on any other ad. The audience thinks that this ad is matching with my keyword.

5. Conversion Rate

It knows your ad created and the ad you have created. Is the landing page of that ad good for the audience? Is the audience you are filling out the lead form correct for? So that you can get conversions for your business.

6. Display Network

In this, the ads you create are shown on the ad website! And it shows in the base of a text and at the best of an image! And the best display ad is google shopping and app campaigns!

7. Ad Extensions

In this, you can use extensions to make your ad better or to give more information in your ad. Meaning that the audience should not have any problem, we make our business relevant to the audience to know about our business.

Which you can use as an extension in your ad. I am telling that which is important for business. Sitelink, call, location, offer, or app, will cover all these extensions below.

8. Keywords

When a user wants to answer his query in the search engine, then he gets many results. But on the basis of whoever enters that keyword, google shows the result to the audience. And as we know that the keyword is our words and phrases in it. Do not know what the audience searches for.

If an audience searches for shoes, then many results of shoes will come up. And google will not understand whether the audience wants to buy shoes, or wants to make shoes. So google shows many results, so we have to keep in mind that we have to select negative keywords as well.

Negative keywords are a list of keywords that you select. So that if all these keyword audience searches, then our ad will not show on SERPs. Because if you have a digital marketing institute.

So even if a user searches for that free digital marketing course, your ad will still be shown. So to avoid all this, you must select negative keywords.

9. PPC

Pay-per-click, or PPC, in this, you pay as much as you click for your ad. Whenever you create the first google ad campaign, you should know that you understand what PPC is.

10. Quality Score

It tells you how your ad is doing by your ctr. Is your ad relevance good? Your selected keywords are good and your landing page is good. And google looks at your past performance. Qs is a very important part of ad rank.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google shows your ad to only those people who are interested in your product or service. And you bid so that your ad ranks at the top on SERPs. And show on youtube, show on google relevant websites. Depends on how many campaign types you have selected.

Stay tuned with us to know more things about google ads and to make good ads in it. Below we will cover this as well as some google ads examples.

Ad rank and Quality Score

Your SERPs when ad position comes on the basis of ad rank. And your ad quality score is two factors. The first is the quality score and the second is the bid amount. Which gives you the position on the search engine result pages, at which position your ad will show.

Ad rank and Quality Score

Remember, your quality is based on the quality of your ad and how relevant it is to the audience. And google checks all the ad shows.

That when there is an ad shown on SERPs, then how many people click more on which ad? Meaning, the better the CTR of your ad, the more chances are that you will be ranked first. And this will happen only if your ad audience likes it.

Whenever an audience searches for anything related to your ad, then your ad will be shown to the audience only. When your ad is relevant to the audience’s keyword, you can remove it in three ways.

  1. Landing page experience.
  2. Expected ctr(click-thru-rate).
  3. Ad relevance.

Whenever you make google ads, then definitely keep in mind that we know the process of making ads very well. So that the quality score of our ad is good. And if you increase your bid amount, before that the quality should be good. So you have to pay less acquisition cost and you will get a better result.


When you create your ad, you get the option of targeting the location. Where do you want your ad to appear? If you have selected a country, then your ad will be visible only to the searcher of the same country.

And if you do not want to show your ad in any country, then you can also select that country, then your ad will not show in that country.

And if you have a shop in any area then you can select the area in the radius. If you want to show your ad for 10 km or 20 km, then your ad will be shown in a radius only. Because google wants those who create ads should not to have any problems. And you can target your ad location and show it anywhere.


The way you select keywords for the organic result of your website. In the same way, it is very important to select keywords for paid ads as well. If you select such keywords that the audience searches for anything related to your ad, then your ad will be shown on SERPs.

Meaning you select the keyword related to your business website. Only then your ad will be shown to the audience. And for the campaign you have selected in the ad group, you select only 4-5 keywords. And Google will show the audience what you have selected for the keyword.

Match Types

When you want to show your ad to the people, then you select the keyword to show the ad. On this keyword, our ad SERPs should be shown to the people. So google gives you the option to select keywords.

With which match type keyword do you want to show your ad? So if you search the audience or any searcher, then you are related to that keyword, then if your ad shows then there are four types of match types.

1. Broad Match

Whenever an audience searches for a digital marketing course, the broad-match keyword will contain any keyword related to it or will have synonyms such as internet marketing courses, and online marketing courses and your ad will still be shown to the audience.

Meaning if your keywords match even a little bit with the audience’s keyword, then your ad will be shown.

If you select broad match keywords, then if you select such keywords then your money is also wasted, and the result is also less. That’s why you avoid broad-match keywords, and if you have more money then you can use them.

2. Modified Broad Match

In this, your ad will be shown to the people only when you select the keyword modified for your ad. Like a +digital marketing +course, if an audience searches for a digital marketing course, then your ad will show.

And like any audience course of digital marketing or digital marketing free course then your ad will still show.

Meaning there are no synonyms and if there are closer variations then your ad will be shown. In this example I am giving, you can select any of these match types for your ad. If you select this type, then you must put a “+” symbol in front of your keyword. This “+” symbol indicates a modified broad match.

3. Phrase Match

In this, your ad will show only when you select your keyword in phrase-match. Like “digital marketing” if there is a phrase in it and there is a close variation of that phrase then your ad will be shown.

Free digital marketing, online digital marketing, so your ad will show in this type of keyword too. If you select a phrase match.

4. Exact Match

In this, your ad will be shown to the audience only when you select the exact match in your keyword. If the keyword of the audience will be the same as your exact match keyword, then only your ad will be shown to the audience on SERPs.

Like a [digital marketing course] this is the exact match. If the audience will search for the same keyword like this, then only the ad will show.

You can select any of these match-type keywords for your ad. But you should know what kind of ad you have. And you select the same keyword. Because by paying more money, you will be able to select broad-match keywords.

But you should also know what kind of audience you want. Because in the broad-match keyword, if any keyword of the audience is found from your selected keyword, then your ad will be shown.

But the audience wanted something else but it is seen that your ad will then be a waste of your money. And with this, you target the wrong audience.

So to avoid all this, you should know which keyword to select. And you can also select keywords by searching keywords from google keyword planner.

Headline And Description

When an audience comes to your website by clicking on your ad. So how does that audience come to your website? So the audience clicks on your ad after reading your heading and description on your website.

Because what the audience searches, whether this website is right for us with that keyword or not, then the audience definitely checks this.

Then the audience clicks on the website. So that’s why you write the heading and description of your ad in a good way. The better you write the heading and description, the more chances are increased for the audience to click on a website.

So you optimize your ad well and understand the intent of the audience. The more good your ad is, the better people you will get.

Ad Extension

If you want to make your ad attractive and good so that the audience can click our ad. Or if you want to give more information in your ad, then you can use it. Using this increases the chances of your ad getting ctr increase.

And it also becomes easier for the audience to know your ad. In this, I will tell you about five extensions. Which is important, and will give a nice look to your ad.

Sitelink Extensions

It helps a lot to make your ad look good. And gives more chances for the audience to click the ad. And helps the audience a lot so that the audience can see a good result, and also helps a lot to know, and is easily understood. And in this, you provide additional links.

Call Extensions

You can give your phone number in your ad so that the audience does not face any problems. And if there is any problem then he can contact your customer service team or you with the help of call extensions. So in this way you can give your phone number with the help of a call extension.

Location Extensions

If you have a store or you want to show your business location to people. If we have an office or store in this area, then you can use a location extension. It helps the audience to reach your business office or store.

The audience can target your location based on where your location is being shown. If a user searches in google nearby, then it helps in your ad in showing people, so in this way, it is helpful for you.

Offer Extensions

If you are offering something in your business product or service then it is helpful for you. Because the audience clicks more on the ad in which the offer is being given at a good discount.

Meaning if you are giving a better offer to people than your competitor, then people will come to you more. Because people wait where they are getting good offers, then people go there.

App Extensions

If you want to download any related app from your business. So you can download the app very easily with its help without any problem. Because you give the link to your app here.

Or if your app is famous then just the name is enough. So with the help of this, you can get people to download the app of your business.

Google Ads Retargeting

Retargeting (or remarketing) with this help you can know who can become our customer. And we will target him only so that he can take our product or service.

In this, you can track web pages, which web pages the audience clicks on, and whether they can become our customers or not, you can also know.

So with the help of this, the audience that has interacted with your business product or service. But if it is not converted, then you can easily know the customer with the help of this.

Because if the customer will see our ad again and again, then easily he will want to take the products or services of our business.

Types Of Google Ads Campaigns

In this, we will talk about how you can select the campaign for your ad. And in this we will know about five important campaigns and why you should choose them. So let’s talk about it and know more about it in very easy language.

1. Search Ad Campaigns

When a user searches on google, then an ad shows google. So search ad is text ads and it shows on ad SERPs. This is a benefit because the audience first searches on google to know anything.

So you must have understood how your ad is good for search ads. And it will also give you good results, and you can see how it shows up on SERPs.

Responsive Search Ads

It allows you to use multiple headings and descriptions in your ad. In this, you can select 15, headings, and four descriptions. And google will show it like a dynamic ad.

What kind of keyword the user is searching for on google on the basis of that the same heading and description will be shown to the user. Meaning in this, google will decide what kind of heading and description to show your ad to the audience.

2. Display Ad Campaigns

In this, your ad will be shown on all the properties of google and it will be shown on the website. It will be shown in the form of an image or banner and it will be shown on any website only.

When a website has monetized its account with google Adsense. Only then the display ad will be shown on its website. If you want to do brand awareness then you can use it.

3. Video Ad Campaigns

If you select it, then your ad will be shown on youtube. And you will get the option of whether you want to add a skippable video or a non-skippable one. So in this, you have to do the right title and description, and another process correctly so that the audience is easily attracted to your ad.

4. App Ad Campaigns

If you have an app related to your business and you want to download it from the audience. So you can do it easily with the help of this.

And your ad will be shown on the google search network, youtube, google play, google display network, etc. Your ad will be shown. And this is a better way to get your business app downloaded from the audience.

5. Shopping Ad Campaigns

In this, your ad will be shown on google SERPs. If you want to create an ad for a specific product. And you want to include information about that product, such as price and product imagery.

If you want to show more audience then you can select a shopping ad campaign. And you can tell the product or service of your business to the audience and easily sell the product of your business. You can see below how the shopping ad is shown.

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