The best car insurance

Choosing the right car insurance policy is a daunting task. It depends on your car and what you need in terms of coverage. We compared dozens of car insurance policies on premiums and conditions to help you get started.

Good car insurance

There is no such thing as the ‘best’ car insurance policy. This depends on many different things and varies per person. In addition, it also depends on which cover you choose for your car insurance:

  • basic liability insurance
  • WA+ or limited hull insurance
  • All-risk or full-casco insurance

You may need additional coverage with your car insurance. 

A high test score says nothing about the car insurance premium. Compare prices via the Car Insurance Comparer. This is how you find good and cheap car insurance. 

The best car insurance for you

Compare premiums and conditions of car insurance quickly and easily. Discover immediately which policy and which cover suits you and your car best.

The best car insurance

The test judgments are based on an  October 4, 2022 poll . We assess the conditions for each cover and give a score.

Do you want to know all the test judgments and the premiums? The premiums can vary greatly per person and per car. Therefore, view the current prices in the Car Insurance Comparer . This is how you find good and cheap car insurance. 

Best WA car insurance

Hema and InShared : Test verdict 9

InShared and Hema come out Best in the Test with their WA car insurance. The WA policies have good additional coverage, such as passenger damage insurance. They are also flexible in terms of acceptance and there is a low deductible for young drivers and assistance.

Other insurance policies with high scores:

  • Allianz Direct: Testoordeel 8,3
  • Interpolis and Vereniging Eigen Huis: Test rating 8.1
  • asr and Centraal Beheer: Test rating: 8.0

Best limited car insurance policy

Hema and InShared : Test rating 8.6

Hema and InShared are Best in the Test with their limited hull car insurance . This is partly due to the generous acceptance policy. In addition, the car insurance policies offer many types of coverage and score well in the second family car scheme and current value determination. 

Other insurance policies with high scores:

  • ABN Amro: Test rating 8.4
  • Ohra Supplementary: Test rating 8.3
  • Interpolis and Vereniging Eigen Huis: Test rating 8.2
  • Allianz Direct: Testoordeel 8,1

Best comprehensive auto insurance

Hema and InShared : Test rating 8.9

InShared and Hema come out Best in the Test with their fully comprehensive car insurance . The policies have favorable payment schemes for new and used cars and score high on the current value determination and handling in the event of theft. 

Other insurance policies with high scores:

  • Aegon Royaal : Test rating 8.6
  • ABN AMRO : Test rating 8.3
  • Interpolis and Ohra Supplementary: Test rating 8.2
  • Verenging Eigen Huis: Test rating 8.1

Affordable car insurance

The premium of a car insurance policy depends on many factors, such as your age and where you live. It is therefore difficult to determine one Best Buy. We have, however, made a selection of policies with reasonable to good conditions at average attractive premiums. We will also publish these in the Geldgids of December 2022.


Insurers determine the premium based on, among other things:

  • your age
  • place of residence: postal code and house number (sometimes including house number suffix)
  • number of kilometers you drive annually
  • number of claim-free years
  • the age of your car
  • all other vehicle data, such as power and equipment

Compare car insurance annually

Insurers regularly adjust the prices and their conditions. Therefore, compare policies from the different providers every year.

Also do this if something changes in your situation, for example if you move house or buy a new car. The car insurance that fits best can be completely different from your current policy.

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