The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring: A Symbol of an Amazing Season

The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring is a symbol of an amazing season. The Eagles fought hard to earn their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history and they have been rewarded with a beautiful, custom-made championship ring. This ring serves as a reminder of the team’s incredible journey to glory, and it will be cherished by fans and players alike for years to come.

Ring Design

The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring celebrates the incredible Super Bowl victory by the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions. Manufactured by Jostens, the ring features a large emerald-cut green amethyst centerpiece, surrounded by forty-eight princess-cut diamonds and seventy-two round brilliant-cut diamonds.

 On one side of the ring,

An eagle holds the Lombardi Trophy with the words “World Champions” above it and “Philadelphia Eagles” below it. On the other side of the ring, two eagles face each other with the score of the championship game on either side of them. The top and bottom of the ring feature five round diamonds representing each of the team’s NFL titles. Finally, the inside of the ring features a custom laser-etched image of Lincoln Financial Field with the words “Fly Eagles Fly” inside a banner. This stunningly designed piece is sure to become an iconic symbol of Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl LII victory.

The Significance of the Ring

The 2018 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring is a tangible reminder of the team’s amazing accomplishment of winning the Super Bowl in 2017. This ring commemorates the first championship for the Eagles since 1960 and marks a defining moment for the entire city of Philadelphia. This championship ring stands out amongst all others with its unique design and craftsmanship.

 It is custom made with 10-karat white gold,

Featuring a round center stone with 127 diamonds, as well as an emerald green crystal football and three marquise-cut rubies representing the three world championships in franchise history. The top of the ring reads “World Champions” while the right side reads “Philadelphia Eagles.” On the left side, it reads “First Super Bowl Win,” symbolizing the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring.

The ring also has several meaningful phrases engraved inside it.

For instance, one phrase says, “Hungry hearts run deeper than deep”—homage to the team’s commitment to winning and its never-ending drive to succeed. Another phrase reads, “We all we got, we all we need,” signifying the strong bond between the team and its fans, who supported them throughout their season.

This 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring carries immense significance for both the players and the fans of this historic team. It is a reminder of their incredible achievement and an everlasting symbol of their success.

The Reaction to the Ring

The release of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring was met with overwhelming excitement from fans of the team. The ring features a brilliant green face, showing off the team’s primary color and their commitment to their hometown. Fans also love that the ring is encrusted with 129 diamonds, representing the amount of regular season and post-season wins it took to make the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring a reality.

The design also honors several players and staff on the team,

 Including a special diamond that represents each of the key figures who helped make this season a success. The design also includes the number “58” which was dedicated to late owner Jeffrey Lurie. Many fans chose to show their appreciation of the ring by purchasing replica versions, giving them the opportunity to share in the glory of the team’s success and wear it proudly on their own finger.


The reaction to the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Champions Ring has been one of celebration and pride. The ring serves as a reminder of all of the hard work and dedication that was put into making this season a success, and will forever be a symbol of what the team achieved.

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