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Sidewalk repair Queens: Fixing Your Walkways

Queens is the largest borough in New York City, and its neighborhoods are known for their beautiful houses and tree-lined streets. However, with beautiful houses and trees come sidewalks that can be cracked, uneven, and hazardous to walk on. The city requires property owners to maintain their sidewalks, but many are unaware of the rules and regulations that govern sidewalk repair in Queens. In this article, we will discuss the importance of sidewalk repair in Queens, the rules and regulations regarding sidewalk repair, and how to go about repairing your sidewalk.

The Importance of Sidewalk Repair in Queens

Sidewalks are an important part of our community infrastructure. They provide safe passage for pedestrians, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Sidewalks are also used by people who commute to work or school on foot, making them an essential part of our transportation system. However, when sidewalks are cracked or uneven, they can pose a serious hazard to pedestrians. A person can trip and fall, leading to injuries that can range from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones and head injuries. In some cases, these injuries can be life-threatening.

Cracked or uneven sidewalks can also cause damage to vehicles. Cars driving over raised or uneven portions of a sidewalk can cause damage to tires, suspension, and other parts of the vehicle. This can be expensive for the driver and can cause disruptions in traffic.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Sidewalk Repair in Queens

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for regulating sidewalk contractors repair in Queens. According to the DOT, property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in front of their property, including repairing any damage caused by tree roots. If a property owner fails to maintain their sidewalk, the city can issue a violation and order repairs to be made.

Property owners are required to repair their sidewalks within a certain timeframe. If a sidewalk is damaged by tree roots, property owners have 45 days to make repairs. If the damage is not caused by tree roots, property owners have 75 days to make repairs. If repairs are not made within these timeframes, the city can hire a contractor to make the repairs and bill the property owner for the cost.

It is important to note that property owners are not allowed to perform sidewalk repairs themselves. All repairs must be made by a licensed contractor who is registered with the DOT.

How to Go About Repairing Your Sidewalk?

If you notice that your sidewalk is cracked or uneven, it is important to take action to repair it. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Inspect your sidewalk: Take a walk around your property and inspect your sidewalk for any cracks or uneven sections. If you notice any damage, take note of the location and the extent of the damage.
  2. Hire a licensed contractor: Contact a licensed contractor who is registered with the DOT to make the repairs. You can find a list of registered contractors on the DOT’s website.
  3. Obtain permits: The contractor will need to obtain a permit from the DOT before starting any work. The permit will outline the scope of the work to be done and ensure that the work meets all safety and quality standards.
  4. Make the repairs: The contractor will make the necessary repairs to your sidewalk. The repairs may involve grinding down raised portions of the sidewalk or completely replacing sections of the sidewalk.
  5. Maintain your sidewalk: Once the repairs have been made, it is important to maintain your sidewalk to prevent further damage. This may involve regular sweeping, cleaning, and sealing to prevent water from seeping into the cracks and causing further damage.


Sidewalk repair is an important part of maintaining safe and accessible walkways for pedestrians in Queens. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks, and failure to do so can result in violations and costly repairs. By following the rules and regulations set forth by the DOT and hiring a licensed contractor, property owners can ensure that their sidewalks are properly maintained and safe for pedestrians.

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