Reasons Why Should You Change Bathroom Fittings

bathrom fittings

One of the most interesting and ingenious processes you can go through is adding to or
revamping your home. Nevertheless, with all of that responsibility comes the stress of making
wise decisions that will last. Whether large or small, bathrooms should always be well
thought-out and located carefully and must be designed to cater to various users. Gone are the
days when there was one bathroom for every three bedrooms and every one had all the time in the world to use it.

Sanitaryware and bath fittings are an integral part of your everyday lifestyle.
These luxe fittings must be kept maintained and updated at all times in order to function properly and accommodate your requirements. Nonetheless, we usually tend to postpone our plans of changing the old fittings in our bathrooms, but that must never be the case since it majorly causes the wastage of essential resources. In this blog, we, at Nebco, will shed light on the signs why you need to change your sanitaryware and bath fittings.

Signs Your Bath Fittings Need To Be Changed

Old Design And Aesthetics

While all-white bathrooms were phased out years back, a lot of homeowners have yet to
update the color of their bathrooms. Beige, powder blue, nautical blue, taupe, and
pistachio are all bright bathroom colors. There have been significant developments in
bathroom design and technology. One-piece toilets, modern bathroom faucets, and
extensive thermostats are only the beginning of modern bathroom fixtures. Classy and
timeless pieces are now all the more affordable than ever before.

Leaks And Dripping Faucets

Leaks and mold are closely interlinked. Leaks can appear around the sink or toilet, in the
shower, or in other places. Where the water is seeping, the walls will constantly have the
bubbling or peeling paint. In many cases, the steam of the shower or tub will not cause
the paint to peel or blister. Damage to the ceiling of your bathroom is yet another sign
which indicates that water is dripping onto the floor. It may be a dry shower trap, a
clogged drain, an old toilet ring, or broken drain pipes. A dripping faucet can also lead to
an increase in your water bill. Not every sink has a washer to stop the flow of water
effectively. Leaks can result to be an expensive nuisance. Even though replacing a
leaking pipe is not difficult, it can certainly turn into a messy task if not tended to

Odd Layout Or Change Of Requirements

A lot of older homes had a toilet next to the tub or shower, but nowadays, people prefer
having it separate from the shower. Moving the toilet will alter the flow and aesthetics of
your bathroom. Generally, people prefer larger bathrooms. After all, families grow over
time. A bathroom may have served you well when you had only two children and a
spouse. You may have grown older in your home and need more space in the bathroom.
There can be plenty of reasons why the family dynamics have moved and the bathroom
no longer serves its purpose in the home. So, it only makes sense to revamp it entirely.

Add Value To Your Home

While your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home, it is also one of the most
imperative. A house with a revamped bathroom becomes more valuable. Although a
potential buyer could be put off by an old, confined bathroom. There is nothing that
attracts them more than a clean and upgraded bathroom.


As we age, we are likely to face certain hazards in the bathroom that younger people do
not. Such hazards also become evident to those who are recovering from sports injuries
or accidents, along with those recuperating from knee or hip replacement surgery. A
remodeled bathroom allows you to install safety features like slip-resistant flooring, a
walk-in shower, wide bars, and entrances to hold on to when entering or leaving the

Add Another Bathroom

Older homes usually have a single bathroom. By adding a second bathroom or guest
bathroom, you can bring your home up to the standards of newer properties nowadays.
According to studies, if you add another bathroom, the value of your home is likely to
increase by as much as 20%.

Energy Efficiency

You can add various features while renovating your bathroom that will cut your energy
bill almost in half. Among them are low-flow toilets, fixtures, and underfloor heating.
Installing windows that are sure to help avoid having to turn on the fan for long periods
of time. In order to prevent walls from gathering moisture and mirrors from fogging will
provide more air to keep your bathroom clean and properly ventilated.

Create A Larger Bathroom

In the majority of cases, older bathrooms are smaller as opposed to those we have
nowadays. Not only will enlarging your bathroom make it more contemporary but make
it quite pleasant and easier to use. Adding more space for storage by installing cabinets or
by redesigning an existing bathroom could be another reason to change the entire space.

Bottom Line!

Replacing sanitary and bath fittings in your home can be as simple as replacing an area rug. The
amount you will spend on revamping will be determined by your budget. Nevertheless, in many
cases, even the most drastic remodeling is worth the cost as the influence on the value and
aesthetics of the entire house will enhance.

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