Prefabricated house

Prefabricated houses: everything you need to know

Prefabricated houses are growing in many countries due to their ease and speed. Today we present a guide that will help you understand the 6 types of prefabricated homes. There are many options for houses you can choose from.

What is a manufactured house?

These houses are made in pieces in a specific place and then transported to their final destination. These houses can be built in smaller parts and take less time.

They also allow for greater design flexibility. They are an excellent choice if you have always wanted to build your home but want to save money and time.

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Types of prefabricated homes according to the material

Concrete houses

It is a favorite material in the world for manufactured home construction due to its steel structure, which makes it more durable and moldable as well as fire-resistant.

Construction is done using modules. First, concrete panels are constructed. Then, they are assembled using an anchoring system. This process requires skilled labor.


Wood is the best choice if you are concerned about the environment while building your home. They are easier to construct than other materials and take less time to complete.

The frame system is one of the methods used to create these houses. It involves replacing traditional beams with a structure made of smaller and more frequent rods.

This allows for more control and the possibility to build customized projects as they are built.

Steel houses

Because of their lightness and malleability, these houses are a great choice for building. This is the steel framing method. It involves creating a structure from anticorrosive metal poles. They are faster to build and lighter, which allows for more design options.

Types of houses based on their construction type


This type of manufactured home has more parts than modular homes. They are constructed one panel at a time.

After being created, the panels can be taken to the residence to complete the construction. These panels may not be finished as they need to be painted, installed floors, or included cabinets.

They can be inhabited for up to 4 months, despite having more parts.


These houses are made in pieces in the factory, then transported to their destination to be assembled. Each module is built individually and includes elements like stairs, doors, and closets as well as pipes and electrical points.

According to the Maryland modular homes experts, the modular house construction process takes between 3-4 months, depending on how many parts you have.


Pre-cut houses look similar to construction. The pieces are assembled in the factory and shipped to the residence to be assembled. It also includes an instruction manual.

This allows people who enjoy doing things themselves to build houses. However, contractors can assist you. Pre-cut houses take approximately 2 to 3 months to construct.

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