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Massage in Ayurveda: A Secret Natural Healing Method

An Introduction to Ayurveda-Based Massage

In a world full of instant pain-relief gels and chemical-infused pain-killers are there to tame your pain right at that moment and in turn, it leaves severe imprints of the chemical in the human body. Ayurveda has appeared as the wonder in the arena of healthcare and wellness with its gift of natural healing without entailing chemical components. Ayurvedic massage in Sydney has gained popularity over the recent years for its capability of releasing a soothing effect on the human body, while day-to-day stress factors and anxiety are alleviated in this procedure.

Being an ancient system of healing, Ayurveda plays a dominant role in restoring a harmonious balance between body and mind. If you are stuck in the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression, Ayurveda can be your only destination to resort to and come back with renewed spirit. However, with a balanced approach, ayurveda-infused massage therapies are there to uplift your mood, rejuvenate your energy and alleviate the fatal pain in the body. Generally, you can consider this massage as a splendid amalgam of music and aromatic oils to offer you a soothing yet ethereal experience.

Unlike the trivial nature of instant pain-relief sessions, by placing trust in one of the most ancient systems of healthcare, you can leverage long-term relief, driven by a pursuit of bringing harmony in all areas of life. This informative blog is written to let you dive into the world of the oldest form of treatment that is devoid of any kind of artificial elements or adulteration and gives you the blessing of a malady-free life.      

History of Ayurveda-based massage

Ayurvedic philosophy believes in the peaceful co-existence of body and mind and their union induces the inflow of energy, known as “prana”. Although the term, “massage” might seem to be a recent yet trendy practice, in reality, it is extremely ancient as you might trace it back to 5000 years ago. It has its origin in the Indian subcontinent in approximately 3000 BCE and with the evolution of culture and heritage, it got transported to the western countries and western healthcare practices achieved momentum by utilizing Ayurveda. You may choose to give a short trip to the pages of a history book to trace the existence of Ayurveda-based massage in the legendary Greek, Roman, and Egyptian empires.

Later on, in the 17th century, discoveries in pharmacology changed the entire landscape of massage and people started to lose their faith in this natural pain-relieving method. Apart from that, the most trendy “spa” treatment, in reality, is a prevalent form of massage to regulate the seamless blood circulation in all the veins and to loosen the stiffness of the muscle joints. In the 20th and 21st centuries, Ayurvedic massage in Swedish culture gives rise to the demand for masseuses and in present times, acknowledging massaging as a distinct art, a whole new branch of the masseuse is already there. 

Techniques used by Ayurveda masseuses

Most often, we equate Ayurveda-based massage with that of the other type of massage, although in the former, proper knowledge and technique are required to be followed to bring out the optimal result. Here we have listed down the techniques and ingredients that are essential for performing this ancient form of massage.

  • For Ayurvedic therapists, usage of the “Tailam” or herb-enriched oils is essential to offer complete relief from the strains and wounds in the muscle joints.    
  • Based on the needs and specific ailments of the user, therapists determine the motion of the strokes, squeezing, and tapping to provide ultimate relief.
  • Techniques of ayurvedic massage in the respect of countries often differ as in the Swedish form of it, anatomical structure and physiological aspects are prioritized instead of the energy lines in the body like that of Thai massage.
  • During the massage therapy sessions, most importantly, seven chakras are covered that are usually located in the proximity of endocrine glands to accelerate the process of healing and to increase the life expectancy of the individuals naturally.
  • Most massage therapists combine music with therapy sessions to uplift the moods of the users and even it eases the mind from worries and aids in capturing positive energy. 

The population who needs ayurvedic massage the most

The modern generation ignores the importance of ayurvedic massage by considering it a luxury, while it is mandatory in the current scenario for offering a gentle treatment to both body and mind. Ayurvedic massage in Sydney comes in a tailored form as the therapists or Ayurvedic after making a thorough diagnosis, recommend the best form of massage suitable for a person. Being one of the safest forms of massages, anyone can opt for it. However, there are people with certain medical conditions, who can mostly leverage it for complete wellness. If you are suffering from one of the medical conditions from the given list, you must go for massage therapy at least once. 

  • People suffering from insomnia
  • Patients of any acute illness
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Chronic illnesses

Moreover, application of the massage therapy can bring magical results in the above-mentioned medical concerns. Pregnant women, people above the age of 75 years, and patients undergoing chemotherapy must refrain from this massage.     

Key Takeaways

Ayurveda can be the all-around solution to all types of medical concerns and chronic ailments. Read this blog, if you are searching for the best Ayurvedic Treatment in Sydney

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