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Is It Important To Protect Your Outdoor Chairs With Covers?

Chairs are an important part of outdoor furniture. They increase your patio comfort as you can easily move them around. You can move your chair in your open garden and feel the sun’s warmth for hours. And when you feel like it’s getting hot, slowly slide your chair toward the shady area. 

Outdoor chairs are made for rough and tough use. But they do require careful handling if you want to increase their lifespan. The colour of the chairs fades away if you leave them uncovered in the sun for too long. So it is necessary to protect them with good quality outdoor chair covers. Let’s understand why it is important to protect outdoor chairs with covers. 

Importance Of Covers For Outdoor Chairs 

Depending on the built material, you can use different kinds of coverings. You might have to use more sturdy covers if you are protecting material like wood. On the contrary, aluminium and plastic chairs can be covered with normal quality coverings. Outdoor chair covers in NZ are more important as each material reacts differently in various weather conditions. 

Cover Up In High Moisture Conditions

You don’t have to cover your furniture every day or night. But when the weather conditions begin to go south, ensure you cover your chairs immediately. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to get regular updates. 

During spring and summer, high humidity is common. Rain is prevalent, and carrying an umbrella when going outside becomes necessary. Ensure you do the same with outdoor chairs as well. Cover them with outdoor chair covers whenever possible.  

You have to be more cautious if chairs are built with wood. Wooden chairs are prone to more damage in high moisture and rainy conditions. Aluminium and plastic chairs can handle rain and humidity, but it would be better if you cover them in severe weather conditions. 

Protection Against High Heat

High heat and UV radiation lead to fading of colour and deformity of chairs. Indeed, summers are the best time to enjoy the outdoors. Lots of vitamin D and a good tan, all for free. But before going out in the sun, we put on sunscreen lotion and then enjoy sunbathing. The same care is necessary for outdoor chairs. They will lose their original shape and colour if you leave them in the sun for too long. So after enjoying a good time outdoors, ensure you protect your chairs with covers. 

Plastic chairs can crack and break in extremely hot conditions. If not in use, place them under shade or protect them with covers. If left in direct sunlight, Aluminium chairs can get hot. You won’t be able to sit on them until you place them in the shade for some time. Ensure you don’t place aluminium chairs in direct sunlight and cover them instantly if moving them is not an option. 

Getting Rid Of Dust, Debris And Mould

Outdoor means dealing with dust and debris. This indicates that your outdoor chairs will come in contact with dust, debris and mould. Dust on the chairs can make your clothes dirty. If you have a dining table outside, ensure you use dining chair covers. If you leave chairs outdoors for long with no care, then mould will grow on them. It can ruin a good-quality chair no matter what type of material is used.  


Chairs are one of the most used outdoor furniture items. You can move them without any hassle and place them anywhere according to your liking. This is why it is necessary to look after them in different weather conditions. This way, you ensure they remain in their original shape and colour. Protecting them with outdoor covers is one of the best ways to do it. If you are looking for dining covers, chair covers, and more, then get in touch with The Cover Company. Visit our website and purchase the best outdoor covers today.

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