Indoor plant: the asset of plant decoration

Plants have become real elements of interior decoration. They are appreciated as much for their natural side as for the personality they add to interiors. Some plants are easier to care for than others. We have therefore taken an interest in different types of plants to give you all the necessary advice. Every green thumb has a plant that suits them. It’s up to you to find yours.

Which plants for which room?

If you have ever looked for a houseplant for your decoration, you have certainly found that you are spoiled for choice. Among all these choices, some plants are still more suitable depending on the room. Everything depends on their luminosity, their temperature or their humidity.

So you can choose from all the plants for the living room. Your work and reading corner also deserves a green space. Why not opt ​​for a desk plant ? Despite popular belief, the bathroom can also accommodate different plants. This wet room is capable of growing a beautiful plant for the bathroom !

The exterior is the perfect corner to create a real space close to nature. Depending on its exposure, you can grow different balcony plants. Enough to spend springs under the sign of relaxation and summers enjoying your green plants.

To highlight your plants, discover different decoration ideas. The orchid is one of the most popular indoor flowers. It comes in different colors. She therefore knows how to please the greatest number of people and different styles. You can therefore choose a piece of furniture for your orchid, in order to find an ideal place for it. Go for examples on here.

The ideal plants to make your interior travel

For a zen and relaxing interior, nothing better than Asian plants. They inspire relaxation and fit into corners dedicated to appeasement. Feng shui plants know how to create a Zen atmosphere and you will never stop growing and admiring them.

For a more tropical atmosphere, opt for an exotic indoor plant. It is quite possible to grow plants straight from exotic countries! Down with preconceived ideas and dare to integrate an indoor banana tree into your living room or office! Coming straight from the tropical regions of America, the monstera is the exotic indoor plant par excellence. It offers a real change of scenery thanks to its typical tropical foliage.

It’s not the only one to make you travel! The fern comes in different varieties. Thanks to its different foliage from one species to another, you will be able to create a tropical or Mediterranean interior. Speaking of seaside atmosphere, the indoor olive tree can also be grown in your kitchen or living room. It also knows how to find a place of choice in your garden.

You have certainly heard of hibiscus before. This pretty plant offers different colors, as bright as each other. It therefore adapts to all interior styles. Indeed, the indoor hibiscus does exist and it brightens up industrial, modern or even rustic rooms.

Other original plant ideas

In town, the air is not necessarily the healthiest. To clean up and oxygenate your interior, turn to the installation of depolluting plants. They are very effective and bring a nice green touch to your decoration.

If you don’t have a green thumb but still want to add a natural corner to your interior, succulents are for you. They are able to live and grow in arid areas. They will therefore be very happy with you.

Gardening and gluttony know how to associate thanks to edible plants! Cultivate them and go pick their leaves to enhance your good meals! They are more numerous than you might think and can grow perfectly indoors.

Are your rooms, your garden or your terrace too often exposed to the shade? You probably think it is difficult to grow plants and flowers in these conditions. Plants like light but some know how to adapt to the lack of sun! These are called shade plants and they do well without light!

Large spaces are also entitled to a large indoor plant. If you like the jungle effect, you can grow different indoor plants. But minimalist lovers can adopt a large plant to dress up their room while keeping it simple.

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