How to buy the best car insurance for teens

How to buy the best car insurance for teens

If you’re the parent or guardian of a teen driver, you know how important it is to have good auto insurance. And we know how stressful and expensive having a teen driver in the home can be. Fortunately, you can protect your child on the road at a cheap price. Learn about Nationwide’s teen insurance policies and start a free quote today.

Nationwide offers five coverage options to give you the best auto insurance for teens.

  1. Collision coverage helps pay for damage to your child’s car if the driver hits another vehicle (or is hit) or if the vehicle rolls over.
  2. Liability coverage can help cover damages if your teen is responsible for an accident. In fact, minimum liability coverage is required by law to keep teens and other drivers safe.
  3. Comprehensive coverage can help if your child is involved in an accident where no other vehicle was involved, such as theft, vandalism, and certain weather-related damage.
  4. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage pays for covered repairs to your teen’s vehicle if it is damaged in an accident caused by an underinsured, uninsured or unidentified driver.
  5. Rental car reimbursement covers the cost of a rental car or other transportation, such as a bus or subway, if your child’s car cannot be used due to being involved in an at-fault accident.

Other options from Nationwide to offer the best auto insurance for teens

  • Our discount for good students makes us the best insurance option for teenagers. Research shows that students with higher grade point averages tend to be better and more responsible drivers. If your child is a full-time student and has a B average or higher, she may be eligible for a discount.
  • The accident forgiveness feature is an option that ensures your child’s insurance premiums will not increase after the first at-fault car accident. This can generate significant savings for you.
  • Roadside Assistance can be helpful if your teen runs out of gas, has a flat tire, or is having car trouble. Our 24/7 service ensures that the young driver is not left stranded on the side of the road.

Now that you know how to get the best car insurance for teens, start a free quote with Nationwide.

car insurance for young people

There are many young people who decide to get their driver’s license when they are just 18 years old. Once the permit is obtained, it is time to buy a new car or use one that a relative lends you to be able to enjoy the road and have the autonomy that a driver’s license gives you. However, the story does not end there, before doing so you have to take out car insurance or be included in the policy of the one you are going to use if you already have one.

Finding insurance for a person under 25 at a good price can be a complicated task, however, it is a mandatory legal requirement to be able to travel through Spanish territory.

At Rastreator we know how difficult it is sometimes to find car insurance if you are a young driver, some insurers raise prices a lot, while others are not even willing to offer you a policy.

Therefore, in this article, we give you all the keys to finding your car insurance.

Car insurance for people under 25 years of age

As we have seen, you must take out car insurance to be able to drive, however, insurers have no obligation to insure you, and since you need insurance to drive, you must opt ​​for other routes. . The companies can put you in the way because being under 25 years of age the risk they acquire if you take out a policy with them is greater. Your short experience and age, or the specific vehicle you want to insure (if you buy one with a lot of displacement) may be an impediment to being allowed to take out a policy. So much so that while some do contemplate the possibility that at 18 you can be a policyholder, others require a minimum age of 21 or even 25 years. In the most extreme case, it is possible that no company wants to insure you

How much does youth car insurance cost?

Car insurance for young people is usually more expensive, since, when calculating the premium, factors such as the driver’s age and experience behind the wheel are taken into account. Typically, insurance is more expensive for young drivers and also for the most inexperienced, since insurer statistics indicate that young drivers tend to be more reckless and have more accidents.

Although prices vary greatly from insurer to insurer, the price of car insurance for a driver with less than five years of experience can go up to 1,200 euros per year. On the other hand, the prices and premiums of car insurance for drivers with more than 15 years of experience range from 500 to 600 euros, which represents 135% less.

However, not only driving experience is taken into account, but also age. Insurers consider young all drivers up to 25 years of age. This age bracket also tends to pay more because of premiums, sometimes up to 115% more.

Luckily for you, some insurance companies offer car insurance policies for young people, with prices that are much more affordable than those of traditional policies. It is possible to contract third-party car insurance for young people with prices ranging from 280 to 500 euros per year.

What is the cheapest car insurance for young people?

What is the cheapest car insurance for young people? We have done a search for the cheapest insurance for young people. Taking as a reference the profile of a driver born in 1999, with a 4-year resident license in Madrid who drives a recently purchased Hyundai i30.

The results obtained depend mainly on the type of policy chosen. Thus, we find third-party insurance from 386 euros per year, while in the case of all risk, the cheapest policy has an annual premium of 1,799 euros.

Cheap car insurance prices for young people

The prices of the cheapest car insurance for young people vary depending on the type. The cheapest of which we highlight this month is Qualitas Auto third-party insurance from 294 euros. Below, you can see them all by type:

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