How to become IAS: How to prepare for the IAS exam?

How to become IAS: How to prepare for the IAS exam?

We all know that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, it is one of the tough and most prestigious examinations in the country. Still lakhs of young students prepare for the IAS exam from every nook and corner of the country and dream of becoming an IAS officer, if we look at the process and nature of this exam, we will find that to get success in this exam we have to We should prepare with a precise strategy and arrangement. Generally, if a candidate starts preparing for this exam from the graduation level itself, then it is also possible that the chances of getting into this service increase manifold, and the candidates can successfully decide their future in this prestigious service.

Through the best IAS coaching in Dehradun in this article, we will tell the aspirants of the graduation stage how to prepare for the IAS exam, so that students can move forward by making a perfect strategy and making their dreams come true.

Mainly, to get success in this difficult examination, it is necessary for the candidates to have discipline and patience along with educational qualifications, and a sensible candidate should determine that before starting the preparation for this examination, he has sufficient and proper qualifications, He has discipline and patience, so that he can get sure success in this examination.

Study material and strategy

Two to three years is generally considered sufficient for the preparation for Civil Services Examination, but it is also necessary that a candidate should follow the basic requirements of his/her studies and understanding of its subject matter. If this happens, then the chances of getting success in this exam increase further, and this plan can be made and understood by a candidate along with his graduate education.

At the beginning of the preparation for this exam, the candidate will have to study NCERT books first, so that the student will be able to develop his basic, analytical, and language understanding and ability. Along with this, studying the syllabus of the Civil Services Examination is also very important for the preparation of this examination, remember that according to the plan and strategy, all types of study work have to be followed. Generally, it has been found that many students choose one subject from the subjects selected in their graduate education for the main stage of this examination, and after determining the subject, the candidate has to start studying the optional subject selected due to his graduate education. Taxes have to be paid. For this, students can choose books and study material according to that subject.

For the preparation for the Civil Services Examination, the candidates should read various types of study material and subject areas such as daily newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, and BBC / DD News Bulletin (BBC or DD News), etc. for contemporary issues. have to be used. And with this type of study method, students prepare for current affairs, which proves beneficial from the point of view of getting success in the examination. In previous years, there has been a good proportion of questions related to contemporary issues in the preliminary exam paper, so this part of the study material is very important. Students should choose appropriate books for study and study them properly. It is also necessary that in the beginning, instead of high-level books, students should study from those books in which simple and basic information has been given, such as NCERT and NIOS books which are also available online free of cost. After studying the basic and basic information, students can use suitable books and study material for a detailed study of that subject.

Some important things to remember

Remember that the selection of subjects is a very important step in this examination and your preparation and success are determined by this, so take your own decision while choosing the subject, because it is not impossible to study any subject, but it depends on the candidate’s interest in that subject. Interest is the first and fundamental basis of getting success. Due to the vast syllabus of the Civil Services Examination, we have to study throughout the year, and therefore you have to make hard efforts to make this plan successful by this, you will be able to complete this huge syllabus successfully. Therefore, increase the study period gradually and instead of rote learning facts, understand its content and increase your conceptual understanding, only then it can be possible to get success in this exam.

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