It’s fantastic to have a roommate because you always have someone to chat with, someone to turn to for guidance, and someone to keep you company when you need it.

How to Be the Best Flatmate, Ever

It’s fantastic to have a FlatMate because you always have someone to chat with, someone to turn to for guidance, and someone to keep you company when you need it. However, sharing a space with someone else can be challenging. You may occasionally feel crowded in your area, require some alone time, or have arguments with your roommate. Make it easy because sharing such close quarters with someone can be difficult. To be the best roommate you can be, pick up your game and adhere to these guidelines.

Ask before you take anything

Shared items among roommates include clothes, nail polish, books, and more. Make sure your roommate is okay with it first before grabbing that adorable scarf you’ve been eyeing. It is customary decency!

Pay your bills

No matter how forgetful you are, you must pay your payments on time. It shouldn’t happen that your flatmate needs to ask you to cover your portion of the expenses. Believe me when I say that the reminder makes them as uncomfortable as it does you.

Clean up your own messes

Clean up any mess you make. You shouldn’t count on your roommate to assist with cleanup after a party unless you both co-hosted it. Additionally, you shouldn’t wait until the next day to clean up the mess because the other person shouldn’t wake up to a heap of crumbs and filthy dishes. Maintain order and neatness in your personal items if you share a restroom.

Don’t borrow without asking

Even though your roommate may own the cutest clothing that hasn’t been worn in a long time, you are not entitled to wear it without asking. Always respect their wishes and request permission first. If they grant you permission and you spill something on it, spend money having it cleaned by a pro. Replace the item if that doesn’t work.

Respect the other person’s space

No matter how extroverted someone is, they still require some personal space, so don’t intrude on others’. Never go into their bedroom without knocking on the door.

Keep your hands off the other person’s food

Don’t assume that a carton of your favourite ice cream that just so happens to be in the freezer is half yours. Eat none of it until your roommate gives you the go-ahead. They might be holding onto it for a particular occasion or they might have spent their last remaining food budget on it. Leave it alone if you ask and are told it’s forbidden. Go out and get some of your own if you really want some.

Wear headphones at night

Just put on some headphones if you want to stay up and watch Netflix while your roommate is heading to bed. Nobody enjoys being awake late at night! Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to fall asleep to the sound of your roommate’s Netflix playing, so let your roommate get a good night’s rest.

Take care of your own pets

Don’t count on your roommate to take care of your pet even if you and your roommate have agreed that pets are acceptable. Scoop your cat’s litter box, feed your own cat, walk your own dog, and vacuum the bird seed out from under the cage. If your roommate feels particularly kind and does something for you, express your gratitude and think about giving back. Another choice is to come to a mutual understanding to alternate doing some of the pet-caring chores.

Don’t be overly sensitive

You don’t have to be best friends to be roommates. Accept that your roommate may have other friends if they make plans without telling you first. Additionally, you will probably be included more frequently if you have a positive outlook about their other pals. Most people dislike clingy, smothering individuals.

Deal with problems quickly

As soon as you become aware of a situation, alert your roommate that a discussion is necessary. Enter the conversation with your point in a straightforward manner; refrain from making accusations or attempting to refute them at every turn. Never use silent treatment, passive-aggressive tactics, or yelling to resolve the conflict. The most of issues can be addressed.

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