How to Apply For Canadian Immigration From Pakistan

How to Apply For Canadian Immigration From Pakistan

For anyone who is above 18 and has family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, family immigration visas are available. The following kinds of family visa holders are permitted to study and work in Canada while their applications for permanent residency are being processed. How to Apply For Canadian Immigration From Pakistan

The following list of family migration visa subclasses is provided:

Visa for Partners or Dependent Children: 

Canadian citizens or permanent residents may apply for this type of family visa to sponsor their partners or dependent children’s immigration and settlement in Canada. These individuals are permitted to work and study in Canada.

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Parents or Grandparents Visa: 

Canadian citizens or permanent residents may sponsor their parents or grandparents to seek immigration to Canada under this family visa category. It is crucial for the person sponsoring to assume responsibility for paying their expenditures and make sure they do not later request financial support while in Canada.

Relatives Visa: 

Canadian citizens or permanent residents who desire their relatives to move to Canada may do it with the help of a relative visa. These people can agree to sponsor their relatives’ applications for Canadian immigration under the Family Class and to provide financial support for the applicant once they arrive in Canada. The applicant must ensure they are in good health, have good morals, and have no criminal histories.

Family members who are sponsor able:

Parents of Dependent Children and Spouses


children under the age of 18 who are unmarried

To sponsor someone, you must:

be older than 18 years old

meet a minimum income requirement

Depending on their age and relationship with you, provide written evidence confirming your agreement to pay the relative’s expenditures upon their arrival for up to ten years.

How can AINiT assist you in obtaining your Pakistani family immigration visa for Canada?

All of your immigration-related difficulties will be professionally handled and counseled by our professionals, who are licensed to do so. Many of our clients from Karachi and other places in Pakistan have already received our help immigrating to Canada under the Family migration category.

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