How bulk SMS helps Continue Contactless dealership Services? 

How bulk SMS helps Continue Contactless dealership Services? 

Modern day’s business are looking for less expensive marketing methods and consumers are looking for Contactless methods to purchase goods and services. The reason behind this psychology is the busy life schedule of people. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses in all industries to find new ways to operate while keeping their customers and employees safe. The automotive industry in particular has been heavily affected by social distancing and contactless commerce protocols. To maintain a contactless service, businesses can take advantage of the group texting service in Australia. In this article, we explore how bulk SMS services can help merchants maintain contactless service while continuing to interact with customers.

The Bulk SMS service allows companies to send a large number of SMS simultaneously to a group of people.

The service is a cost-effective way to communicate important information, such as new model updates, promotions and service reminders, to large groups of people in real time. Here are some ways bulk SMS services can help businesses maintain contactless service:

Here in this article we explain in detail how to use bulk sms marketing to grow your business with contactless dealerships. 

How can bulk SMS marketing help in Contactless deals? 

Service Reminders- One of the biggest challenges businesses face during the pandemic is maintaining a customer base while meeting social distancing guidelines. Bulk SMS service allows dealerships to send timely service reminders to their customers without personal interaction. These messages can include reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance tasks.

Contactless Appointments

After the pandemic consumers are more cautious and they prefer contactless appointments, businesses can use the group text messaging service to send appointment reminders to customers and confirm the time and date of the appointment.

Merchants can also use the service to send instructions to merchants, along with information about protocols customers may need to follow upon arrival, such as wearing masks and sanitizing hands.


Merchants can also use group text messaging services to communicate promotions to their customers. These messages may include information about discounts, financing offers and any other special offers that may be available. By sending these messages, merchants can increase their sales while maintaining a contactless environment.

Vehicle Updates The

Bulk SMS service allows dealerships to keep their customers informed of the status of their vehicles without personal interaction.

Dealerships can text customers when the vehicle is ready for pickup or when there is a delay in the repair process. These messages may also include estimated costs for updates and repairs to any parts that need to be replaced.

Customer Service

In addition to the above uses, group SMS service can also be used to improve customer service. For example, merchants can use this service to send surveys to their customers to gather feedback on their experiences. This feedback can then be used to improve the overall customer experience.

Personalized Messages The

Bulk SMS service allows merchants to send personalized messages to their customers. By using customers’ first names and addressing them directly, merchants can create a more personalized experience for customers. This personalization helps increase engagement and strengthen customer relationships.

Precise Marketing

Merchants can use the bulk SMS service to send precise marketing information to specific groups of customers. For example, a dealer can send a message to customers who have expressed interest in a particular model or service.

By sending targeted messages, marketers can increase the likelihood that customers will take action and make a purchase.

Profitable The

Bulk SMS service is a cost effective way to communicate with your customers. Bulk text messaging is much cheaper than other forms of marketing such as print and TV ads. Dealerships can save money while communicating important information to customers.

Tips :- How to write compelling text messages for growing your sales?

Generating leads is one of the most difficult tasks in any business. Formulation of compelling text messages and proper strategy can help in generating leads. 

Below are the tips that will guide you how to write the most compelling text messages. 

  • Be clear and precise 

We all are aware that SMS has a character limit and if the SMS is not formulated in a clear and direct manner it might not convey the clear message. Brands must  formulate the SMS that are clear and are easy to understand by the reader. Please make sure SMS is not very formal and cold as it might not be that convincing. 

  •  Personalize th SMS 

Researches have shown that personalized sms are very effective and Bring great results. This is because when brandsake an effort to understand their customers’ persona they feel more appreciated and are likely to take required action which will boost your sales. 

  •  Value your subscribers 

Don’t forget to make those who have opted in for your SMS services feel special. Cater special offers and discounts to them and provide them with valuable information. This way they feel more connected with the brand and stay loyal. It is easier to maintain an existing consumer database as compared to making a new one.

  •  Provide relevant information 

SMS is the best suited method for providing urgent and relevant information to the consumers. Thus the consumers can easily get the required information and take the action required. For example any changes in the order delivery,the updates can be given via text message. This way consumers will not panic for their order. Important information about the transaction and remaining balance can be shared via SMS. 

  •  Add call to action link 

One mistake that most brands make is  they don’t add call to action links with the text sms. Consumers may read the SMS and not know what is to be done further. That’s why adding a direct CTA link is highly efficient. 


Finally, following the COVID-19 pandemic, bulk SMS services have become an important tool for merchants to maintain contactless service. 

This service allows merchants to convey important information to their customers without personal interaction. Use bulk SMS service for service reminders, contactless appointments, promotions, vehicle updates, customer service, personalized, targeted messages

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