Four Digital Marketing KPIs That Are Essential To Be Tracked For Performance

Digital marketing is one of the effective ways to reach your audience and grow your business. To measure how is your digital campaign working, you require to analyze the performance of your digital marketing strategy. Your business should have a strong foundation across all platforms that your audience accesses, this will improve your brand’s availability, and people can easily find and access your brand. In this blog post, you will come across five digital marketing KPIs to track the performance of your campaign. To enhance your digital marketing strategies, you can reach out to Whizamet, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in London

  • The Viewpoint Metrics 

Viewpoint metrics are beneficial in running video ads. These metrics help determine how users respond to your content or what they do with it. This metric tracks how many users have skipped your video content or who went to the end of the video directly; it helps to know if users are engaging with your content. And then, you can use that results to create a baseline for your new campaign. For example, if you notice that the percentage of people skipping your video is higher, you should fix the issue in future ads.

Similarly, you can track the number of people reading your content or those who scroll straight to the end of the page. With this, you can determine the quality and effectiveness of the content. If the number of people skipping the content increases, you can fix your writing style. 

  • Conversion Rate 

Conversion rate is another data point you need to keep an eye on. The conversion rate is the percentage of people taking the desired action. It is essential to note that if someone takes a desired activity, it doesn’t mean they will also form a relationship with your brand. You can track the conversion rate by looking at your campaign’s results and checking if the desired action is taken. If people are not taking the desired action, such as signing up for your free service or buying your product, you should check out why things are not working well. 

  • Brand’s Awareness 

Brand awareness is the total number of people who know your brand. Awareness of your brand can be caused by watching your brand on the media or people knowing about your brand from other people. On the other hand, consumer behavior also matters; that tells how many people have formed a relationship with your brand. This could be anything; for example, people sign up for your email lists, buy your products, or share your content. These metrics help evaluate specific campaigns and channels. For example, your video ads are working correctly, but the conversion rate for the video is not high enough compared to media, so you can track out the issue and fix it. 

  • Online Visits 

The online visits are calculated as the total number of people who visit your website from their devices. Knowing the number of people visiting your website is essential to analyze how effectively your digital marketing strategy works. You must know the difference between the number of visitors for the actual session and the number of visitors. For example, a person who visits ten pages of your website is the actual session for one page. And if you see fewer people visiting your website than you expected, you need to work on your marketing strategy. 


Checking on digital marketing KPIs is essential to optimize whether your campaigns are working well. It helps you know how people respond to your content and what they perform with it. Then if your marketing campaign is not working well, you can work on improving them. If you need help managing your digital marketing strategies, you can contact Whizamet, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in London

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