Bought a car: from when do you insure your car?

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When you buy a car, you must ensure it is on time. The Netherlands has an insurance obligation, and you want to avoid risking fines by insuring your car too late. This obligation starts when you become a license plate holder, so the car is in your name. In this blog, we will show you from which moment you should insure your car and where you can find the cheapest premium for your car…

Ensure the car is immediately upon purchase.

As mentioned, your insurance obligation starts as soon as you become a car owner and license plate holder. It is best to immediately take out Best car insurance in taxis if you have the car registered in your name. This way, everything is arranged quickly and securely.

For insurance companies, it is particularly important in whose name a car is registered when a car insurance policy is taken out. This person is the person liable for insurance. It is important that the vehicle has undergone the mandatory MOT (General Periodic Inspection) and that the MOT term is still valid (and therefore has not expired according to the expiry date).

In principle, a valid MOT is a condition for being able to insure a car… Although the MOT validity is not equally thoroughly checked or checked by every insurer. You don’t have to worry about road tax. It starts automatically as soon as a car is registered to a name from the registration.

So when to insure your car? IMMEDIATELY upon purchase, even before you drive away from the purchase address by car!

Ensure the car is after the purchase.

Unfortunately, it is still decided not to insure a car immediately upon purchase. Some people think they will only have time for it once they get home or put off taking out car insurance even longer. However, driving an uninsured car is not allowed by law! Not a one-time short ride from the purchase location home. Driving an uninsured car can cause significant legal problems…

This way, you run the risk of a hefty fine! If there is a police check on the way home (after purchasing the purchased vehicle), you also need help. Such an RDW fine for driving without insurance can easily cost you €400. However, any damage caused by an uninsured motor vehicle is also not covered and will not be reimbursed! 

Fines for driving without insurance can amount to considerable amounts of money. And damage to property and personal injury caused by an uninsured car can be almost infinitely high. So the sooner you insure your car, the better!

Fast online insurance during the purchase

You may not have insured your car when you purchase it, but you need or want to drive it home immediately. Taking out your car insurance online offers the ideal solution. You will immediately receive an email confirmation of the insurance (and provisional cover).

You can use this confirmation email as provisional proof of insurance in case of a police check (while waiting for your final insurance policy or ‘green card’ ). In addition, insuring a vehicle online is done within 10 minutes.

If you do not use the purchased car for longer, is it registered in your name? Perhaps suspending the vehicle is an option…

Suspend an uninsured vehicle.

If you intend to leave your newly purchased car unused for the time being (for quite some time), then suspending it may be an ideal option. You do not pay road tax then and are also not obliged to take out car insurance. When suspending, you place the car out of use, as it were. You may then no longer use it.

That is why the suspended vehicle should also be on private property. However, such a vehicle suspension is not free. Its price depends on the type of car you have. If you don’t use the purchased vehicle for only a few months, insurance is cheaper in practice than suspension.

If you have to drive the vehicle home from the place of purchase, there are other options. Driving without insurance is, by definition, prohibited by law, including in that situation.

Cheapest car insurance

You can insure your vehicle online within minutes: directly and cheaply via your mobile phone. If you wait too long to insure your recently purchased car, you run the risk of unnecessary fines and uncover damage that you will have to pay yourself at the bottom of the line.

The advantage of insuring your car online is that you can immediately hit the road without worrying about your insurance obligation. You can safely hit the road once you receive a confirmation email with WRITTEN provisional coverage or definitive coverage. The cheapest car insurance for you depends on the car, the policyholder and the type of cover.

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