Best long-term travel insurance for a trip worldwide: guide and comparison

Our opinion on the best round-the-world and long-stay insurance

As you can imagine by studying this table, the best long-term travel insurance for a round-the-world trip will probably differ depending on your situation (solo traveller, couple, family, age, destination…) and your needs.

Pay attention to the language of the insurance.

We don’t recommend choosing English-speaking long-term travel insurance if you don’t speak English at all (even though the coverage is a bit cheaper)! Imagine that something serious happens to you during your trip around the world… The last thing you want is to not be able to easily explain your situation to the contact person for your travel insurance

Here are, in our opinion, the best long-term travel insurance for different scenarios:

Travel insurance with the best value for money (solo travelers and couples) This coverage is already very solid basic (therefore without any options) with the best guarantee ceilings for medical expenses (6,000,000€ anyway) and good civil liability.

We also really appreciate with TrueTraveller that they only include the most important things (medical expenses, repatriation, civil liability, etc.) and thus offer very attractive prices! For the rest, you can simply personalize your coverage according to your needs by paying small supplements (if you want to insure your luggage, your valuables, the practice of risky sports, etc., there are about ten options) 

They offer very complete coverage with rather good guarantee limits for a price a little cheaper than Chapka. Honestly, it’s solid and if you’re going around the world with the AVAnture Health plan, you don’t have to worry too much!

the cheapest long-term travel insurance

If you have a very tight budget but still want to be covered for the most important points (medical expenses, repatriation, civil liability), you have 2 options in our opinion:

long-term travel insurance for families

All insurance companies do not necessarily offer very attractive family prices… which means that there are big price differences between the different insurers for families!

long-term travel insurance for the over 50s

We received quite a few comments from older travelers who felt a bit cheated when it came to insurance! Indeed, several insurers do not even cover travelers over 50 years of age and with some others, prices increase horribly quickly depending on age! So if you’re going on a long backpacking trip (or not), here are the best options for you:

As you can see after this detailed comparison,it is not the insurances that are the most recommended on the net that offer the best value for money en fonction de votre situation. 

So if you appreciate this free and independent tool, do not hesitate to go through our links to support us in the production of this kind of content! Thanks in advance! 

What is long-term travel insurance for?

We first started with the comparison of long-stay insurance and by giving you our opinion on the best travel insurance for a trip around the world because often people are looking for this information first and do not necessarily want to read too much talk on the insurance.

However, throughout the following section we will explain to you what long-term travel insurance is for and in which case you really need (parce que ça représente quand même un sacré budget alors autant que vous compreniez pourquoi vous dépensez cet argent )

Before looking in more detail at whether you really need travel insurance, let’s start by understanding in more detail what long-term travel insurance is for and what types of guarantees it offers. This will make it easier for you to decide whether or not you need such coverage!

Depending on the formulas, travel insurance can include a mixture of the following points:

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