Personal Injury Claims

All you need to know about the Personal Injury Claim

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

When you file a legal case against someone whose negligence, error or recklessness led to an accident that harmed you physically, emotionally and financially, then it is called a personal injury compensation claim. You need to hire a solicitor to file and handle a Personal Injury Claims.

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What kind of accidental & personal injuries make you eligible for filing a claim? 

You are mostly eligible for filing the claim if another party was at fault. Some of the most common accidents are given below: 

Road Accidents

Not everyone on the road drives like a sane human being. Anything can happen on road. So if you got injured or your vehicle get damaged by someone else’s recklessness or insobriety, then you can file a personal injury claim against them.

Mishap at work

Work accidents are very common, especially when you are working in a hazardous environment. The employer must give you the required training and protection tools. But some employers for saving money, choose cheaper tools that might harm their employees. If you get injured at work and believe that it happened due to the employer’s negligence, you can file a claim. 

Accident at a public venue

Public places should be safe and it’s the duty of their owners. If someone got injured due to slippery floors, broken stairs or anything else that can cause slips, trips and falls then they are accountable to give the injured compensation. 

Medical Neglect

Medical negligence includes surgical errors, diagnostic errors, prescription errors etc. If the medical team failed to give you a legally defined standard care and you get injured or became sicker after treatment then you can file a claim against them. 

What is the process of a Personal Injury Claim?

If in any of the above cases, you get an injury that left you permanently disabled or you lost someone in your family, then you may go through overwhelming emotional and financial stress. To get a little help in bearing this strain you should know about filing a personal injury claim. Here is how the Personal Injury Claim Solicitors in Scotland, handle the procedure.

When you contact a lawyer, they will examine the incident thoroughly and then will decide if you are eligible for filing a personal injury claim or not. 

Then, they will lay out all the harms for which you can claim compensation. Give them the evidence you have collected like medical records, photographs, and other types of documents that may help your case.

Furthermore, they will develop a claim notification form (CNF) or a letter before action dependent upon the likely value of your claim.

After the decision has been made in your case, you will need expert medical proof to detail the injuries sustained, the likely recovery period and any risk of future problems. Your lawyer will arrange this for you and explain the medical opinion.

Next, if the respondent takes responsibility for the accident, then your solicitor might negotiate the compensation, but if the other party denies liability, negotiation is still possible.

In the end, the respondent’s insurance company will offer a conclusive settlement figure.

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