Alert! These are 5 Causes of Hard Car Clutch Pads

The clutch functions as a liaison as well as a power breaker between engine rotation and transmission. This component is located in the middle of your car’s transmission system and engine. Like other car components, the risk of damage can occur with use, especially if the car owner often neglects to check it. One of the most common problems that occur with this part is the clutch lining that becomes hard. What are the things that trigger this problem? Here’s the summary:

  • The clutch lining is thin 

The main cause of the car’s clutch lining getting hard is the existence of the clutch lining itself, which is starting to wear down. The cloth that continues to erode will make the pedal hard when stepped on. If you experience this problem, it’s best to immediately repair the clutch section so that the damage doesn’t spread to other engine parts. Replace the clutch lining that is starting to thin with a new one and make sure the component fits your car

  • Coupling Cable Less Lubricant

If the clutch cable is not properly lubricated, it will usually dry out. This dry cable is also the cause of the clutch lining being hard and hard to step on which often happens. This problem often occurs in cars with manual transmission, because cars with automatic transmission usually work via hydraulic power so that the lubrication tends to be better maintained. To solve this problem, what you need to do is make sure you lubricate the cable with special oil regularly. Also readjust the clutch cable to get the position that best suits your feet. 

  • Damaged Release Bearings

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The release bearing component acts as a driving force for the diaphragm spring found on the clutch cover. Damage to the release bearing makes the car’s clutch hard when stepped on. The trigger for damage to the release bearing is usually because the car engine is too hot. If the release bearing is damaged, you cannot repair this component. The only solution is to replace these components with new parts.

  • Expired Clutch Cover Use Time

On the clutch lining component, there is a clutch cover section or also often called the clutch sun. This part has a service life that depends on the intensity of vehicle use, the more often you drive, the faster the clutch cover will expire. In this condition, the energy pressure on the clutch lining will weaken so that the pressure plate does not work optimally and the transmission will become hard when used. 

  • Bad Driving Habits

The last cause of hard clutch lining is careless driving. Examples of bad driving methods such as releasing the clutch suddenly so that the transmission shift is not perfect. Not only causes the clutch lining to become hard, this habit can also trigger damage to the clutch lever and the entire transmission. If you have this, of course the driving activity will be disrupted. 

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