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Pursuing higher study in USA is a dream of many Indian students, and for good reasons. It is home to certain highly esteemed and reputed universities in the world. It also enables Indian students to take classes across various disciplines before choosing their ‘major’.

But, shifting to another country on your own can be pretty  daunting.  Thus, to aid you, here we will walk you through certain crucial pointers that will help you stay remarkably prepared to face all the challenges you may encounter during your study abroad journey.  

Let’s get started!

  • Cost To Study

If the words of top abroad study consultancy stalwarts are anything to go by, then the cost to study at a different university or college depends on various factors- world rankings, speciality, type of educational institution, and location.

One excellent way to minimise the cost is to pursue studies at a biennial community college. Again, studying at community colleges is much more affordable than at universities. Hence, with reasonable planning, you can complete the first two years of your course at a reduced price.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

Roughly 8% of international students receive scholarships in the US. However, a close look at reputed online SOP writing services forums will help you understand that you can seek funding from different government and private organisations in your home country and the US.

But, ensure to fill in the application for your admission carefully, especially if you’re applying for a scholarship.

  • Health Insurance

US doesn’t have a universal health insurance. Hence, inform your insurance provider about your study plans so they can design an exclusive health insurance plan for you.

  • Tests/Requirements

A  close look at Duolingo practice test tutorials will help you realise that it is essential to produce a portfolio or undertake additional exams to be accepted in a university in the US.

Any sophomore student must turn in SAT and ACT scores to gain admission to a bachelor’s degree program. Certain institutions even do not require international applicants to take these tests and are satisfied with diploma marks. However, the more highly esteemed the university is, the higher chances are will be required to take one of these tests.

Undeniably, it can be overwhelming to study in the USA for most Indian students.  But, invest adequate  time to comprehend the process and plan early on to make the application process a walk in the park.

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